Monday, November 25, 2013

Top Thirty Challenge

We've all been in this spot.  The one that has you trying to figure out which project you will work on next.  I have so many partially half done (phds), works in progress (wips), and unfinished objects (UFOs),  that if I took the time to list them, I'd probably miss Thanksgiving and Christmas!    

Last year a friend and I challenged each other to see how many of these we could knock out within a few months. It worked quite well. First we sent each other an email with our top thirty items we wanted to finish.  These lists were added to when something urgent came along, and items were deleted when no longer of a priority for us.  We were doing this to encourage each other and have someone to connect with when a project was 'out the door'.  We both got many items done, and enjoyed getting to know each other better.

So, this time around, I'm hoping to connect with more people and we'll see how well we can do!  
I'll try to post often to let you know how things are going here. Feel free to join the challenge and invite your friends as well.  

This week's assignment will be to make up your TOP THIRTY LIST to be done by April 1,2014.  Your list is YOUR list, put those things on it that YOU want to get done. These can be related to sewing, recipes, cleaning, decorating, etc.
Remember, creating a clean space, happy memory, or a masterpiece for the wall all count!

My list will be up shortly.


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