Friday, January 31, 2014

Intention List Update

I realize I'm in the middle of my time allotment for completing my Top Thirty List. I have reviewed it and some of the things on it are not important to me at this time. So, I'm putting together an adjusted list and I think I should probably do this monthly. (Actually, this is my second time writing this post, as my first one got lost in cyber space when I updated my privacy settings to allow for posting of pictures.)

1. Spend time with family members that need a little help at this time. 
2. Hire painters to continue with the updating of this house. 
3. Get all art supplies gathered together. 
4. Books, papers, etc. unpacked in the office
5. Printouts for all online classes into notebooks. 
6. Pics taken of ongoing projects posted to proper Pinterest boards. 
7. Craftsy classes reviewed and scheduled. 
8. LifeBook 2014 lessons up to date. 
9.  Four swaps up to date
10. Other  classes up to date
11. Leah Day's Building Blocks Quilt-along lessons up to date
12. Color Intensive workshop lessons up to date
13. Hand work basket filled and ready at all times for a day away
14. Kitchen reclaimed after the painting is done
15. Master bedroom reclaimed after painting is done
16. Great room furniture from La Z Boy should be delivered
17. Pillowcases started for all the Grandkids
18. Post to blogs weekly, include pics

Here are some pics from Life Book 2014:


Now for some from the Building Blocks Quiltalong:

 And three from my Stitchinfingers group swaps, and the first pic is of my interactive color board for Color Intensive workshop. 

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