Thursday, February 20, 2014

Edisto Beach Inspirations

Today we went down to Edisto Beach. The tourists haven't returned yet, so it was pretty quiet. We visited the State Park at the beach and Environmental Center. Below is a picture of some of the treasures I found. 
They are so interesting. Especially the yellow and pink ones in the center. The yellow is half a shell, the pinkish ones are the inside of pieces.  I find it magical to be by the ocean. I just relax and forget all the other things that are on my mind. It is truly refreshing for me to visit the beach. 

When I got home, I checked on the weather back in the Midwest and I will keep everyone's safety in my prayers. Seems like it just keeps socking it to the areas with cold, wind, and snow.  Hopefully no ice or sleet as that makes it treacherous for a long time. 

I've been making ATCs, Post Cards, and fabric book pages to swap with my friends over at I'm also involved with the altered fabric swaps that are done monthly. This has been great fun. Sending and receiving some very interesting pieces. Below are 3 Birthday pieces I have gotten.

And now for a little Gramma bragging, a picture of Seth, Jr. Writing his name for the first time all by himself

Well, I'll go for now.  I've got some fabrics calling my name!

Let's Create Today,

Saturday, February 1, 2014

January Review

A little summation of what was done in January 2014. 

Life Book 2014 got underway. I spent time in the Art, Heart, and Healing lessons. I totally enjoy doing these exercises. I've been keeping an eye on some blogs that encourage art explorations. I have a very colorful planner. I colored pages using water color crayons. That was lots of fun. I got my stamps out and put snowflakes in. YES, we had ice and snow this past week here in South Carolina. Hard to believe I know, but it did happen. 

In my creative room, much was accomplished. The building blocks Quiltalong with Leah Day got off to a great start. I finished piecing 6 block sets. A total of 7 blocks were quilted and trimmed.  Two ATCs and two postcards were made for my swap groups. I sent out altered fabric to 7 swappers. I also crocheted two hats for Joann. These have a row of double treble that makes a nice weaving area for a skinny scarf that gets tied on one side just above the ear. I will make more of these.  They were easy enough and I like getting something done in just a few hours. Great for tv time, or when we take a ride somewhere. I've also gotten my interactive color board ready for Color Intensive Workshop that starts on Feb 3.  It was a bit of a challenge but I conquered it. 

We hired painters to get some of our house interior done. After my painting the FROG before Christmas, I am very glad to have someone else doing these high ceilings and the walls that go up to them. There was a lot of furniture and STUFF moved out and then back into the greatroom and dining area. 

I've spent a few days with my sister-in-law, up in Charlotte, NC. She's going thru chemo treatments and I'm glad I can be of any help. I've also spent a bit of time with my Mom-in-law, visiting and getting her some groceries. George had a colonoscopy done (everything is fine) so that was a couple of days hanging out at home with a man that couldn't have his usual food choices. He did quite well I must admit. 

George and I did the tourist thing too. On our way to Georgetown we stopped by to see the red wolves exhibit. That was very interesting and informative. Went down to Folly Beach just to prove we could, even though it wasn't very warm on that day. We actually got an ice and snow storm 2 days later. A rarity for SC. 

We went in to Charleston and had dinner with the Bennett's and office staff that George has been involved with. He certainly enjoys the interaction with such nice folks. They all are so friendly and welcoming.

We've asked for membership at Summerville's Cornerstone Baptist Chuch. We've been attending there and truly feel that we were led by God to attend there and to become a part of this family. We've been involved in picture taking, and evening Bible study as well. And I continue to do my personal Bible study daily. 

I've agreed to do a class on Flower Pounding at Baker's Pond and Garden Center in March. We were going to do it in February, but it may not be warm enough so we moved it to March. I've done this on fabrics in the past. This time we want to do it onto paper. Making bookmarks, postcards, or stationery items will give the participants that don't sew some useful pieces to take home with them. More work needs to be done for class samples. 

Blogs are getting more attention.  My Pinterest boards have been upgraded and pics of MY work have been added. I've been staying on track with my intentional work items and it's paying off. 

I am very pleased to be getting things off the to-do list.  I have more things coming up, but I'll save that info for another post. I think this one is long enough. If you've read this far, drop me a line and let me know how you're getting along with your 2014 Intentions. I'd enjoy hearing from you. 

And now, I'm off to create something interesting,