Thursday, February 20, 2014

Edisto Beach Inspirations

Today we went down to Edisto Beach. The tourists haven't returned yet, so it was pretty quiet. We visited the State Park at the beach and Environmental Center. Below is a picture of some of the treasures I found. 
They are so interesting. Especially the yellow and pink ones in the center. The yellow is half a shell, the pinkish ones are the inside of pieces.  I find it magical to be by the ocean. I just relax and forget all the other things that are on my mind. It is truly refreshing for me to visit the beach. 

When I got home, I checked on the weather back in the Midwest and I will keep everyone's safety in my prayers. Seems like it just keeps socking it to the areas with cold, wind, and snow.  Hopefully no ice or sleet as that makes it treacherous for a long time. 

I've been making ATCs, Post Cards, and fabric book pages to swap with my friends over at I'm also involved with the altered fabric swaps that are done monthly. This has been great fun. Sending and receiving some very interesting pieces. Below are 3 Birthday pieces I have gotten.

And now for a little Gramma bragging, a picture of Seth, Jr. Writing his name for the first time all by himself

Well, I'll go for now.  I've got some fabrics calling my name!

Let's Create Today,

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