Monday, March 17, 2014

Dyed Fabrics and Moving On


Today I want to show you what became of the fabrics that hit the dye bath on Friday. 

This was a deep orange to begin with. I absolutely adore the little person in the middle. In a close up you can see that her arm is extended forward and raised, as if dangling a bug from her finger. 

This is about a yard of muslin, natural. Oh, the possibilities these bring to mind!

And now for the shots of before and afters. 

 This was that first one it's about a yard piece. 
 This one is actually 18x108. I'm thinking of wall hanging, would go nicely in the  vaulted ceiling area of my stairwell. 

Here are four pieces of folded and rubber banded pfd white  

Well those are the pieces that are done to this point. I've also posted them on my Pinterest page, Luann Fischer , this board is at the bottom at this time. I will need to get on the PC upstairs to move it to the front area. 

Time to go pull out some muslin, and pfd that I'm washing.  Next it goes into the so da ash bath, then drying and pressing. 

Until next time,
Let's Create Today,

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