Friday, March 21, 2014

Happening Today

I've just opened the two boxes I received today. I'm excited to say the least. 

First box was the Aztec air brush that I ordered. I am sure I need more accs but for now I need to just learn how it works. I'm thinking it'll do some unique stencil designs onto fabric. 

Second box was from Superior Threads. I joined Superior University and this is my first shipment. I'm looking forward to learning new techniques with new materials. There was an assortment of thread, needles, and a formable stabilizer. Along with DVD and information booklet. I'll post pics of my work as I do each lesson. You can work at your own pace. Once a month you get a shipment of unique threads and notions, along with information on how to use them, and a project. 

More excitement was had as I opened the lid of the dye chest and saw how beautiful the banana fabric is looking. My only concern is, I'm so loving how it looks NOW, and I know things change by the time I'm ironing the finished out fabrics. Only time will tell if I get some of those intense colors you see on the side without the ice cubes, in this photo below. 


Well, I'm off to make lunch, have some tea, and dream (daydream) in color. 

My hubby just came in with the rest of the mail,,yeah,,,another piece of fabric from a Stitchin fingers friend!

I am blessed,

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