Monday, November 3, 2014

Sometimes once is not enough! Don't you agree?

Started out with muslin pieces that I hand dyed. 

First group all received a black stencil. These will be for my December group swap. 

Then I used shaving cream and Tsukeniko inks to lay down an initial marbled color layer on the second set of pieces. 

This one only is rec'ving this layer, as I am pleased with it presently. 
Not like this one!
I put a stencil over the marbled color and I am not pleased at this point. So, more shaving cream and some Crown Jewels fabric paint. Again using marbling as the focus these five got another layer. 
These all have a metallic look within them as the paint was that type. 

Next step will be to heat set them.  Then I will decide if they are ready to mail out or if they need something more. I don't want to overdo them, but if I do, I can start over. 

I will try to get some better pictures tomorrow, during good daylight!!

For now,
Let's Create Today,

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