Friday, January 30, 2015

First "finish" for 2015

Here's a picture of a fun little whole cloth baby napping quilt, or oversized changing pad. It's going to a mom-to-be in my church family. She's a sweet kid (under 30). I don't know the daddy much. Those young people tend to be shy around us Grannies!!  I know they'll get plenty of use out of it. 

DIL, Leslie, uses the smalls I made for her girls as dresser scarves, doll bed blankets, and whatever the need may be. She says just knowing they are sturdy, and can go in the washer and dryer make them versatile. 

I used to get all in a tither  making baby quilts. Then I realized the most important thing was for it to be useful. If I make an heirloom piece it won't be for a child to "look at"! 

So there you have it,
Sweet, simple, and finished!

Let's Create Today,

PS: I've been quite this month. First I was away on vacation, then I got a nasty cold/flu bug. I am still recouping but spending a few more hours each day in a state of wakefulness. LOL

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Pretty - and plenty to look at!