Sunday, January 4, 2015

My Only Goal for 2015

The following picture is of a beautiful wall hanging I saw at a wedding back in February, 2013. I don't know the artists, but I know the subject!

The first post of the year is my hardest!  
I spend quite some time trying to set some reasonable goals, but not too comfortable. I have made lists, crossed things off, added more items, and realized that they just weren't what I wanted to say. 
This year is different for me.
In December I felt led by The Holy Spirit to drop out of several group activities and personal pursuits. 24 hours each day is all I have, and I want them to be of value. So, there's a lot of letting go going on. And, it's not bothering me. But I was still bothered by the whole "goal" thing. So, I asked for some clarity and this morning I received my answer. 
What was bothering me? All of the goals that I have ever had were related! The common thread was that it really didn't matter if that particular goal happened today, tomorrow, or a year from now. There was something bigger than all of them. My goals were too small and in all reality, very attainable.
I knew what that one major goal was. I'd known for a long time. I just never put it into words. 
I know I will fall far short of it!  But, I know that as long as my heart's desire is right, I will succeed!

Bringing Honor and Glory to GOD in all I do, for the rest of my life. 

Let God Inspire Us To Create to His Glory and Honor

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