Monday, February 2, 2015

New Year's Eve Project

I just realized that I didn't post any pictures of my newest project. I started the sewing portion on December 31, 2014!  I know most folks celebrate this evening by going out, etc. But not me!!
During December I did some deconstructed screen printing. It was my first time and I was experimenting all the way. The prints I ended up with seemed to fall into three distinct color ways. 
Two of the sets had a predominantly blue hue. 

I used an improvisational trimming and sashing method. My new design wall came in handy. I had to decide where more white would be added to bring these pieces all together into one cohesive unit.  My design wall was laying on it's side when I took this picture. I think you can still see the "pojagi" look that is appearing. 

I want the size to be larger but I haven't settled on the best way to accomplish it. I want to stay true to using only white and fabrics that I have printed. I also want to keep the improvisational approach. At present I'm leaning towards an improv pieced border using much smaller pieces of the printed fabric and narrower strips of white. 
I think that even if you are doing something in the improv mode, there comes a point at which one must make very calculated choices in order to portray the feeling or mood you're going for. At least that's how I'm feeling at this point with this piece. 
Something that's really been different about this quilt is that from the very first trimming of fabrics I've had a sense of what I want the quilting designs to be. This is the first time I can remember that happening! 
I've also decided that I will NOT agonize over any small imperfections, and maybe not over any BIG ones either! I want to let this unfold and move forward at it's own pace. And now that I am feeling better, that should be picking up momentum shortly. 
I hope you are all creating from your heart, and enjoying the journey. 

Let's Create Today 

Here's what a few of my screens looked like before printing. 


Anonymous said...

LOL over not agonizing over small or even big imperfections. Good for you!
I've wanted to try pojagi piecework. Definitely afraid of the imperfecton aspect. So I will have to take a page from your lesson book on acceptance.
This piece is looking great!

Luann Fischer said...

Thanks for stopping by,