Sunday, May 10, 2015

Making Progress

This week has been quite productive in my sewing room. 

First:  Before and after of my Wisteria challenge piece. 
Not finished, but I am pleased with where I am. 


Top picture has all the pieces pinned to the design wall, but nothing was sewn together.
Then I have larger pieces and many smaller ones stitched in place on top of a batting and backing. 
Last two pictures are my thread sketching and free motion quilting, both of which need improvement. 
Third: I started working on my Princess piece. 
The top picture shows the portrait piece I made during Lola Jenkins workshop. 

In the picture above, I have placed two different blacks along the sides. The one on the left has very small gold dots. The one on the right has black dots and a more mottled background. I am thinking about using one or both as borders, if I keep it at the present size. 

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