Thursday, May 14, 2015

Progress Continues on Two Pieces

I've spent some time in the studio working on my 'Princess' piece. Here it is. 

The orange and deep purple borders are in the audition phase. I tried it with the orange as the outer border and the purple as the first one. But it was too bold, even for me!  I've also pinned up a portion of the bottom because it just looked too massive. I have several small snippets that I would like to sprinkle about. However, I feel the piece needs to be pleasing before I add anything else. The colors were not what I thought I would use, but I kept taking grey scale pictures and auditioning various colors. I wanted something that would bring life to the piece. I did put white fabric behind it to see how it 'sits' on a lighter wall, and the effect was fine. 

I know that if I use these colors, I want the orange to be minimal and the deep purple modest in width. 

I also did some work on my 'Wisteria' piece. I put the first border on then trimmed it down twice before I was satisfied with it's width. 

The golden print border has about 2" turned to the back. I wanted to get an idea of what it would look like if I did a gallery wrap onto a canvas frame. I've never done that before, but I think it would look good. Notice in the upper right I have cut a piece of the border fabric and pinned it to extend the original stem into the border. The green pieces on the lower left are destined to become leaves. I would like to do some stitching on it. Perhaps even some hand work. I'm not sure at this time. 

I've found that by having more than one project up on my design wall, I can flip between them and give myself time to ponder what I want to have done next. The only drawback with this is 'switching gears', so to speak, with the sewing machine. Different projects use different threads, needles, etc. But I am getting lots of practice!

May your day be blessed with happy memories,


Aussie Jo said...

That's when you need two sewing machines??

Luann Fischer said...

Well, at least two 'working' sewing machines !

Thanks for stopping by,