Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Question and Answer Time

What do I use to pull my prints with, when I'm doing deconstructed screen printing? 

Well, you will need a tool. I use an outdated credit card, or something similar, if I am doing a very small area. I have a couple of squeegees that I have used for larger areas.  I think the point is to be able to just pull across your screen once. However, this is deconstructed screen printing, so you can pull to your preference, just be cautious that the mixture you are using isn't picking up  too much color from the screen and becoming a color you don't want. 

Then there is the actual mixture that you bring across with that squeegee. I have used procion mx dyes, thickened with sodium alginate, just like I used on the first application. This is a good place to use a color that will blend. But if you're into trying for some beautiful browns, you could use a compliment. This is where you will want to progress slowly and perhaps clean that squeegee off completely after each pull across. I have also used chemical water thickened with sodium alginate and no dye.  There are also products, on the market,  that are referred to as print paste. The best thing is to try a small quantity, from a reputable dealer, and follow the directions.

 I have mixed some that were so thin it poured right thru my screen,

and some so thick I could hardly get them out of the container. A picture here would just show me washing things out,,,

I will caution about disposing of any excess when you're ready to finish your day. Do not just dump it down the sink or toilet. As far as I know, there is no harm to sewer lines, but if you don't have it diluted with enough water, you could get a clogged drain.
It's best to not make up a lot at the beginning. Give yourself the time to enjoy the process without turning it into work. Ask me why I say that,,,

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