Friday, May 15, 2015

The Princess Needs Something

My art quilt that I have named, The Princess, is in need of something. What that is I haven't quite figured out. However, several of my online friends (StitchinFingers and The Quilt Show) have been giving me some very good feed back. I have found that real friends will encourage you, and are willing to respond with thoughtful suggestions. I'm not one to use the phrase, constructive criticism, because I honestly don't think the word constructive can be used appropriately with the word criticism. I know it's a phrase that has been around for quite some time but I hope my remarks are never referred to as that!  My hubby said, "thoughtful suggestions" and I like that a lot better. Being kind and thoughtful has never gone out of vogue. 
But, I digress.  This is what The Princess looked like when I asked for suggestions. Even though everything measured accurately, and was square when flat, it looked out of kilter to me. 
I wish I had a B&W or monochromatic picture at this point, but I don't. 
After hearing back from my friends, I did a little 'snippet placing'. Now keep in mind that these pieces are just for trying to figure out what's not working for me. So, here are three pics. Please look at each one, then move to the next one, to see if you have any suggestions based more on the first two than the colored one. 



I felt that the long strips on the left side were making the right side look shorter. The design has her leaning to one side. It seemed to be adding to the "falling down on the right" look that was going on. That's why I put in the strip along the lower right portion of her dress. And, as I look at it now, I think she needs more hair, not a lot, but a bit more on the left side. 

She definitely needs something. And I will figure it out, and post more pictures. 
If you have any 'thoughtful suggestions' please leave a comment. 
Thanks for stopping by. 
And by the way, what have you been up to creatively this week?

May God bless you with many pleasant memories,


Eileen Gidman said...

I like the addition of the small rectangles especially on the first b&w photo. There is more value contrast with the colours and thus more interest.
As for more hair on the left side, I am not sure.

Luann Fischer said...


Thanks for your thoughts. I think the hair will be staying the way it is, as I can't find any of the left over fabric. But, there is something about those small rectangles that just keep whispering to me. They will most likely stay. And I'm pleased with the engagement of the borders by them.
Thanks for stopping by, next time please do leave your web address so others will see your beautiful work.