Friday, July 3, 2015

Another Day of Dyeing

A few days back I cut 3 1/3 yards of pfd cotton into oversized fat quarters. They measured 20" x 23". I over cut my pieces when I am going to be dyeing them. The process tends to shrink fabric and I want to be able to consider them a 'full' fat quarter. 

After spending a sufficient amount of time in the soda ash solution I squeezed them out. I put them onto a drying rack on my screen porch while I decided my specific plan of action. 

I finger pleated most of them, laid them along a side of the low containers I use for this, and drizzled dye onto them. I massaged them well and left them for almost 24 hours. My patience level isn't the greatest when I'm dyeing fabric. Definitely something I need to work on. When I first began dyeing I was able to leave them for days, but along the way I've become a bit impatient. 

Here they are in their tubs. 
And here is a peek inside some of them,

They have been rinsed and are in the first soak of ice water. Later I can start the true wash out with hot water and synthropol. 

So, now it's off to the picnic at Cornerstone Church. That should keep me away until the ice melts and all dye reaction has been thwarted. 

Have a wonderful Fourth of July,

For a chance to win some hand dyed fabric, leave a comment on yesterday's post. 

Let's Create Today,

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Gill said...

Looking forward to seeing them properly - I know what you mean about not having the patience to wait!!