Saturday, July 4, 2015

Blueberries by the Quarts and More Hand Dyes

This morning we traveled to the MIL's house to pick some berries. We now have 16 pint sized bags in the freezer. And some for fresh eating now,

Next on the my 'activities for the day' was to press the 12 pieces that had been dyed a few days back. This is actually my favorite part of dyeing. I've said it before, it's so exciting and calming at the same time! I really enjoy watching the patterning that comes to life as the steam iron glides across the fabric. If I ever figure out how to do a very short video for my blog, that will probably be the first. And it would only be aimed at the ironing board, so you could watch the magic take place. I'm sure there is actually a scientific term and reason this happens. I just know I like the magic of it. 

And a few close ups of interesting textures that appear as the iron moves across,,

In the first image of the hand dyes, those four pieces on the left keep drawing my attention. What do they look like to you? 
Leave a comment and I'll add your name into the giveaway. Look back a couple of days to see the post about it. 
Please be sure to check on Monday for the winner.

Let's Create Today,


Anonymous said...

Luann, you are so creative - I'm going to have to visit your blog more often now! Those 4 pieces grabbed my eye as I scanned through the pictures too. It may be cliché but the hand dyes look like sunset on a small pond in our neighborhood - there is always duckweed growing around the edges giving it a bright shade of green. There is even a row of trees that cast a slight shadow over the edge of the water in the afternoon - reminding me of the darker blues in your fabric. Enjoy creating something beautiful with them - Jdeluka

Luann Fischer said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. You can subscribe to receiving an email each time I 'post and share' by filling in the box up on the top right. I don't get your address, somewhere in the blogger program they take care of it. That way you would get the actual post as an email. I don't share every post, as some are a bit less about creating and more about my life.
Hope you continue to enjoy. Only a few more hours and the giveaway will be decided!!