Sunday, July 19, 2015

Miss Lila, length 24", weight...

Weighing in at,, well no lady no matter her age is giving up that information!
24 inches, arriving Monday early afternoon. 

This all sounds a bit strange, wouldn't you say? Not giving the weight, and knowing the inches before the arrival actually happens?

Oh, but what you may not know is this. Lila is the name George and I have chosen for "our" 
HandiQuilter Fusion 24, longarm quilting machine. 

Yep, that's right. Tomorrow, just after lunch the Estes Delivery truck should be bringing my little, well not that little, baby to its Momma.  Oh ya, and Papa!  We have both been watching videos about all the cool stuff Luann is going to try. 

LILA is an acronym for Luann is long arming. Well it was that or Lulu and I just don't want it to think it is not thought highly of. Yes I know it's a machine and not a person. I've heard so many people refer to there machines by name that I decided to do it too. Guys usually name every vehicle they've ever had. I know some that have named their roto tillers and lawnmowers. So, considering how much time I will be spending with this piece of equipment, it got a name! Why a feminine name? Because I had not seen Dusty Farrel's videos in time! Maybe it will get a middle name of Dusty.
Lila Dusty ??? Would it need a surname too?

What do you think? Pictures coming soon,,,

May God bless your week with unbroken stitches,

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