Friday, July 31, 2015

Sewing Room Update And Another Giveaway

As you may have guessed, showing the interior of my sewing room was a bit humbling. I tend to keep it much neater than yesterday's pictures showed. Some very targeted time has been spent cleaning. My first idea was to just get everything into some kind of container. Then I came to my senses and realized that I didn't  want to do this all over again! So, a little more time, a lot more decisions, and a trunk full of goodies leaving my environment! Here are a few pictures from around the room. More cleaning to ensue,,
This was taken from the same view point as the one from yesterday's post. 
And from that opposite corner. 
Inside my 'stash' closet. 
Too many lamps sitting on my sewing table. You can't tell there's a machine back in there!
This is behind my cutting table and generally can't be seen in any picture. Hopefully showing all these pictures will give me the push to continue decluttering and getting rid of the periphery!

And this final picture is of the quilted pieces that need bindings. 
There's 10, ranging from lap covering to oversized twin. Some are pieced, some are whole cloth. And there's one table topper that needs mending! These are hitting the intention list for August. 

How do you deal with a mess when it happens? 
Leave a comment to be entered August giveaway. Your name goes in every time you comment between now and the end of the month. Just remember that if you read the post as an email, you need to leave your comment on the blog for the drawing. 

May God bless the work of your hands,


floozina said...

If this is a mess, then I reckon you should come see mine, lol. We tend to use it as an overflow storage room since I don't spend as much time working in there as I used to. At the moment we need to remove a large microwave oven we bought when the shop had the model we want and we thought the old one was about to die and didn't.

I also need to decide whether I want to be a painter, a mixed media artist, a crazy quilter, a contemporary embroiderer or a dress designer/maker. And then I should discard everything else. The question is: will I? In the past I have tended towards throwing out the excess stuff and finding homes for the rest, but now I think I must be more ruthless and make some hard decisions.

BTW, I agree with you about the lamps - a few too many and not good to work by either.

Luann Fischer said...

Oh how I can relate! I think that's the 'creative' within each of us. That microwave would be soooo useful for soooo many crafty things!!! I'm beginning to see the value in limiting your focus. The only problem ends up being, I have very good peripheral vision. LOL I got rid of 11 (!) vicar tapes that were made before 2001, and never watched since! Along with some floppy disks, it took two hands to hold on to them until I got to the trash bin. I know that I just tossed some pictures of loved ones, but I have no easy way to retrieve them and I bet the quality is rather sketchy at best. It's a good thing to purge what you haven't been using and really can't see a time in the future when you will. Easily said, not so easily done!!
Thanks for stopping by and best of luck in the drawing,

Linda McKeen said...

I maintain that clearing up is bad for you! Every now and then I do a massive clear out and tidy up. Everything looks wonderfully clean and neat but the consequences are dire .....

1. I can't find anything
2. I suddenly find a need for something I threw out after hoarding it for 5 years and never using it.
3. I stop working because I don't want to make another mess.



Luann Fischer said...

All too often we finally get around to using something, after we've gotten it out of our space. Maybe that's actually because once we get things a bit more 'user friendly' we start being the friendly user. Just a thought,,,,
BTW what are your interest areas? Maybe a little something from one of them will show up in the giveaway basket.
Thanks for stopping by

Gill said...

When my sewing room is particularly messy I find the best thing to do is close the door and go for a walk!!

Luann Fischer said...

I'd enjoy going for a walk with some creative friends. I'd probably come back with too many ideas though. LOL
Let us know when you get to working on your next project.
Thanks for stopping by