Monday, August 31, 2015

August Intention Review Whew!

Did this catch your attention? It's from #10 way at the bottom. But I like seeing pretty things when I open up my email and thought you would too. 

Writing down my intentions is one thing. Making them available to the general public is quite another!
At the onset of August I had a list of ten main areas and what I wanted to see accomplished in each. I knew the list was extensive and there was not enough energy in my body to get everything done. But still I committed to write them down. In July I had 3! intentions that didn't get a lick of work done on them. So, a list of ten with even 1 progressing along would be an improvement. I was correct. I also found that the energy that builds from one item getting crossed off the list encouraged me more than I thought it would. 
Here's how the month has gone:
#1. ✅ Follow a blog posting schedule. I have accomplished this and tried to keep everyone informed of what was going on when I came across some 'dyeing issues'! 
#2. ✅ My plan was to finish binding four charity quilts. This was revised to: bind two charity quilts and make quilt backs for two tops that were given to our guild. I also quilted them with my new longarm. 

#3. 💤 Princess quilt top. 
#4. 💤 Canberra tree quilt. 
#5.  ❓ Deconstructed screen printing fabrics with lots of white background. This one was loaded on the longarm. I did a different design in each of the screen printed blocks, and then I just couldn't think clearly what to do next, so it's about 50% done and waiting it's next trip to the top of the list. 
#6. 💤 Poppy field quilt. 
#7. 💤 Improvisational pieces are still waiting. 
#8. 💤 Three table runners made from hand dyed fabric. 
#9. ✅ get at least 2 pieces out of the mending basket. I actually got 5 mended and decided a few others weren't worth the effort.
#10 ✅✅✅✅ this was where an enormous amount of my time went! I started out wanting to dye up a few small color wheels of fat/eighths of fabric. It ended up being 4color wheels having 15 steps (each 1/2 yard), a lavender & grey 7 piece group, and one giant color wheel/pyramid of 68 pieces that used 18 fat quarters and 40 fat eighths. I also did quite a bit of 'insurance' soaking and processing. This was precautionary but I needed to be sure things were done well. 

I have had a very full month. Did a lot of other activities and all those mundane "housework" things we all do. 

I want to share a little something special next. When I purchased this yarn I had no reason other than it was 8 skeins of a lovely variegated golden color. I often say that I don't know where, or to whom, something I am making will go. But I trust that God will get that part taken care of when the time is right. So as I started this little afghan I figured it would go to someone for warmth or comfort. I just trusted, started it, and kept on going. I put it to the side and left it for a couple of weeks. Then one Saturday, as we were leaving for a 'ride to the beach' I grabbed it and as we traveled that day, my fingers literally flew through each row. Usually they took almost 8 minutes per row, but I got more done than the trip's time could have given me. I just figured, things are going great, and I'll be done shortly. 
As I finished the last row, I realized where it was meant to go. Our neighbors had lost their Golden to cancer that weekend.  I never thought about it bringing comfort to someone that had lost a dog. But, it was her colors! As soon as I finished that last row, tied the ends in, put it in a small bag, we walked it over to them. I hope it brings them comfort. 

Riley, you will be missed. 

May God bless you with comforts,


Gill said...

Every blog post should start with a picture of colours!!
Fabulous Luann - my eye is drawn to the pinks and oranges but I tend to sew with mainly blues and greens!

Luann Fischer said...


I will take that comment to heart, and try to start every blog post with a picture for the month of Sept.

Tomorrow is the big day for the giveaway. I'm going to try to have that post start with 'the package contents' picture.

Thanks for such a great idea,


Terry said...

Those colors!!! Wow!!! What an eye popper!!! I like how you shared your list at the beginning of the month and then let us know what you accomplished. I like that you are positive about what you did. I'm trying to do the same about my task list. BTW, I still love that red hat!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic month of achievements Luann, I love your story about the knitting.

Luann Fischer said...

Thanks for stopping by,

Monica said...

I think you're very brave for sharing your intentions online, Luann. I find it very encouraging. Gorgeous colours in your hand-dyed fabric.