Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Fun with Color Wheels.

I've been working on some specific color wheels for hand dyed fabric.
Here's my favorite group of 30 steps. They have a deep saturation, lots of texture, and are jewel tones. 

These 21 were created by combining the same three primaries that I used for the 'jewels' above. They are more muted and earthy looking. They still have a lot of texture, somewhat like cracked ice. 

I also put together a small group for a customer. She wanted a special color collection for a project she is working on.  

It's so encouraging to have clients that request a color palette be made for them. They know I will be very meticulous with the record keeping. If she decides she likes the top one but wants a more subtle blending of colors I will be able to make those for her this week. The 'dye lab' is always calling my name, and I love answering the call. 

On the more mundane side of things, I purged a large basketfull of clothes that wear just 'hanging around' and 'taking up space'. It is such a mood lifter to get rid of unused items. BTW I love the hat sitting on top of the pile, but in SC it's too warm to wear it. 

That's the update for this week. 

May God bless the work of your hands,

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Gill said...

Wow! I especially love all your 'jewel' fabrics
It's raining here again today so I appreciate a bit of colour!!

Dorothy said...

I love the dark colors too...they'll look great together in a quilt!!! Your greys and lavenders turned out really nice...was that jet black?

Terry said...

I love your jewel tone fabrics too! I must say that I was most taken with your hat though. I bet it looked spectacular on you!

Luann Fischer said...

Hi there friends,

Gill, hope the su comes out soon. But keep an eye out for the next 'batch o color' coming by the end of this week!!

Dorothy, the black and shades of grey all came from 44BB, Dharma Trading Company. I will be doing some specif experiments on blacks again in the future. I also made my own recipe for black at one time. I really like it, and especially if it 'split' it was gorgeous. But, alas, the mixed colors that I used are not all still available. I need to produce my own from pure dyes, but it's still such a guessing game at best. The darker colors would look nice all together in a quilt. I'm not sure what I would chose though for background. Any ideas?

I loved that red hat. Since I'm wearing my hair so much shorter now, and I keep it thinned, it is actually too big I could put something inside at the brim to make it fit better, but it's not likely I'll ever wear it in South Carolina. Maybe I should drop it off to you? Hmmm,,, that was one of the pieces that she asked me to bring back in October.

Thanks for the comments,

Monica said...

I really like the fabric in the third photo - lovely subtle colours and the texture shows up really well.

Luann Fischer said...


The third group consists of:
Top one was made using pure dyes, one red, one blue
The next three are tints from the black/deep grey
The bottom three are what was left of the solutions from the top 4 pieces. I wish I would have used a lot less, if any at all, of the darkest grey.
Next time,,,