Friday, August 28, 2015

Giveaway Reminder

Just a quick post to remind you that I will announce the giveaway winner(s) on Sept 1, 2015. 
Each comment you have made is counted. So, you can always drop by and just say, 'Hi'. 
I'm anxiously waiting to find out 'where in the world' I'll be posting things out to. 

My week has not gone as planned. The intentions are being worked on, but not to the extent I had hoped for. Only 'hand dyed fabric' got a lot of attention. Here are some pictures of 3 days of dye-workshop!

There are 4 color wheels of 15 steps each. Below is an image of this week's 4 batches and stacked behind them are several others that I worked on last week. 

I also had two appointments with clients. 
Went to the beach yesterday. Did the grocery shopping today! 
In 10 minutes I leave for the Salon to get my hair trimmed! This hot and humid weather is making me welcome a short pixie look!  

I'll do a review of August intentions and forward look at some for September on Monday. 

Don't forget to check back on Tuesday for the giveaway winner(s). 

May God bless the work of your hands,


ritzy said...

Luann--you are doing a great job with your hand dyed fabrics. Love the pure colors. I know that it is really a lot of work to dye fabric. Can't wait to see what is made with this lovely batch. ritzy

Dorothy said...

I love your fabrics Luann, and you are keeping me inspired!! I'm excited to start my next batch and hope I come up with something even close to as nice as yours!

Anonymous said...

Nice pieces Luann - You've certainly tantalized my appetite for hand dyes!

Luann Fischer said...

Glad you dropped by,

There are quilt patterns 'in the works'. Most people will need to see these fabrics 'in' something to be inspired to purchase them for a project. I believe that offering a pattern (including pictures) with the fabric will enable customers to visualize better.

I think you give me too much credit! Your pieces are wonderful. I plan to put more time into Serendipitous pieces in the near future. The unexpected is energizing in a way that precision never can be. Keep enjoying the entire process and do what works for you!

I'm pretty 'bland' in my cooking and cleaning so if I can be 'tantalizing' in my cloth dyeing, well that's pretty cool for me!

Thanks again to y'all for stopping by. Comments are the only way a blogger knows if anyone is reading what they post, so an extra THANKS for the comments.


Deborah said...

Love the color of your fabrics. So rich and intense.

Luann Fischer said...

One of the things that draws me to dyeing fabric is that I can go for rich deep saturation so far color. I like all colors, but the more intense the more they draw me.
Thanks for stopping by,
Only a few more days and I'll be putting together a package to mail out! Maybe, your comment will be the one,,,

May God bless your day,

Anonymous said...

Can't get enough of your pictures. I have no doubt they will go fast!


Luann Fischer said...

Thanks for stopping by. How's the weather in your neck of the woods?
My hubby just told me that the hurricane that was heading for South Carolina dissipated. That's very good to know, especially since I was totally oblivious to its presence!! I really must turn on the weather forecast and come out from behind the dye bucket, sewing machine, or longarm quilter!! I really avoid the weather, news, and drama in general! But a hurricane, gosh I should at least be aware enough to get my car filled with gas and a toothbrush packed!!

May God bless you with safe weather situations,

Gill said...

Luann your colours are fabulous!
I've had such a busy summer with family this year but I'm looking forward to a workshop with Ineke Berlyn later in the year. Have you heard of Ineke??

Lynda said...

Luann, You have been so busy! Your fabric is awesome. Thanks for sharing.

Luann Fischer said...

I hadn't heard of her, but I checked out her home page and the journal quilts her students have made. You are going to have a great time. Perhaps you can share your experience with the rest of us. I hope so.

I think we are all busy the bees. Since I started blogging I feel like I can "see" what I've been accomplishing. I think we too often, don't acknowledge what we have accomplished, just what we still have on our 'to do' list.

On Monday I'll get the August review posted. I'm working on it already, as I know how fast time goes.

Thanks for stopping by,

Madtatter80 said...

Well a peak at the hand dyed cloth was fun, and the are so vibrant too! Oh the things people will do with such pretty colors :)

Luann Fischer said...

Hi there Madtatter,
Glad you dropped by. Are you in the swap group for ATCs this year? Or are you busy in the day-to-day of life?

I think for some of my 'stitchy' friends, even small squares of many colors would be a fun thing to receive. I don't know if I'm up to cutting charm squares, but we'll see,,,,

Have a wonderful day,

Terry said...

Your dye work is so beautiful! I love the range of the oranges. You accomplish tons!

Luann Fischer said...


I was concerned about the oranges looking too similar on the pictures. They really have a very subtle depth of shade change in the group. I think they would be explosive if used in a radiating color pattern.

Your comment was just what I needed to hear today.


Anonymous said...

Your dyed fabrics are wonderful! I can't decide which ones I like best. It was fun "watching" you make them.

Monica said...

Lots of lovely, luscious fabric there. Hand-dyed fabrics are really special, arent' they?

Luann Fischer said...

Monica and Geneva,
I'm so glad to see you both left a comment when you stopped by.
The giveaway is coming to a close soon.
Have a great day.