Saturday, August 1, 2015

Intentions and a Giveaway

As August gets underway I need to get a plan together for the remainder of this year. I'm in the midst of startup with my business. This will be focused on two aspects of my creative life, hand dyed cloth and longarm quilting. There's a lot of aspects to this that would just bore you. Suffice it to say that these will be taking place in the background. As each step gets underway I'll keep you posted. 
Now for the list of 'bloggy' intentions. 

1- I have put together a schedule for when and what I will try to blog about. Each week I will check in and: review a book or product, share something that's inspiring me, and/or update my progress on the rest of this list. 

2- Work on charity quilt bindings. I want to finish at least four of the ten that are sitting on my chair at present. I also have been given two tops that I need to make backings for and then get them quilted up. Their bindings can be done by another guild member that likes to do that. 

3- Finish my Princess quilt

4- Finish my Canberra Tree quilt

5- Quilt up my deconstructed quilt top

6- Quilt up my 'Poppy Field' quilt top

7- Quilt up the improvisational tablecloth, placemats, and table runner

8- Quilt up the three table runners I made from my hand dyed cloth

9- Get at least 2 pieces out of the mending basket and back into my closet

10- Dye up some specific color wheels, and color combos I've been working on to go with Superior Thread's King Tut group that looks like jewel tones to me

This is an enormous amount of 'want to get done' items. But, last month I wrote down three and got none done, so if I get even one done from this list, it will be better percentage than last month!

Leave a comment to be entered in the August  giveaway. I'll be revealing some of the goodies in future posts, so follow by email, so you don't miss out on anything. 

May God bless you with intentions that will bless others,


Diane said...

I have just read a number of your blog posts and must try the low emersion dyeing in quart jars. Just wanted to let you know I feel for you in your task of clearing your studio. I work from a small second bedroom in a condo and am faced with managing my supplies all the time! I just try to keep all things related close to each other so that I have a general sense of where to find them. I also have to be diligent about putting things back when finished with them.
You can find me at

Gill said...

What an impressive list - good luck!!

Luann Fischer said...

I just browsed through a small portion of your site and I must say your work impresses me.
If you chose to use the 'jar' method for dyeing, just be very cautious when handling them. They can get slippery from the soda ash solution and could slip from your hands. Sometimes the gloves prevent us from getting a good grip, but gloves are necessary to be safe.
Keep us posted if you try this.
Thanks for stopping by,

Luann Fischer said...

Thanks for stopping by. What are you up to today?

Kate Cooke said...

Wow! What a beautiful range of colours in your hand dyed table runners.

Dorothy said...

Wow Luann...lots to do! Good luck, and thank you for inspiring me:)

Luann Fischer said...

Hi Kate and Dorothy,
The colors are much better in person. That picture was taken with my iPad and the ones I now take with my phone are so much better! I actually think they are as good as the ones from my camera. Technology can provide us with some good stuff if we use it properly.
Thanks for stopping by

Luann Fischer said...

I just notified that your image shows you at what appears to be a domestic machine on a Gracie frame. Is that right? If not, tell us more about what it is, and how you like it.

Monica said...

Luann, I'm exhausted just from reading your to-do list. :)
What is the story behind your Canberra Tree piece? It looks lovely.

Luann Fischer said...

Somewhere in the post I believe I commented on how last month I had 3 intentions and got zip, zero, none accomplished. So this month I figured I couldn't actually do worse even if I put a tremendous amount of them in writing.
I am happy to report that things are moving along much better this month!!! The plan is to review my progress next Saturday, but so far I'm a bit ahead of my overall plan. I'm doing a happy dance all over the porch. Well not really, it would drive the neighbor's dogs nuts if I did that. But you get the idea.
The Canberra Tree piece, well, I may have a lot of my information mixed up but here's my story, until some loving person straightens me out. Which, by the way, would be very ok!
The center piece with the tree looking print came from a lady in Australia. Many of the other pieces in it are from other people that I've been swapping fabrics with thru a surface design swap group on Stitchinfingers website. I think you know this group! Back in December we put out a challenge to 'use' some of these fabrics and the tree piece spoke to me as wanting its own story told. I believe there were fires in Canberra area and thus the name for the piece. If you are able to look close enough you can see that there are new green nodes coming to life on the roots of the burnt tree. There is so much more to do on this piece that even though I'd like for it to be done and hanging on my wall, it may get to be hung while in progress just so we can enjoy were its at.
I'd better quit writing or this will need to be a blog post of its own. LOL

Monica said...

Thank you for the explanation about the Canberra Tree piece, Luann. The 2013 bushfires are very memorable about 400 houses and lots of infrastructure (including some 500 power poles) were destroyed. It was a really scary day.