Saturday, August 15, 2015

Update on Those Intentions

Today's post is about fulfilling my intentions for August. I put the original list up at the beginning of the month. It's the 15th so I'm half way thru. Here's how things are, or aren't shaping up. 

1 - Put together and follow a schedule for this blog.   Currently on schedule. 

2 - Charity quilts. I got bindings on two that I quilted over a year ago. I wanted to have four done by now. I'm still going to consider this one to be 'on schedule' because I put in over 10 hours making backings and quilting up two quilt tops for my local guild. 

3 - Princess quilt still needs to be put on the machine and quilted. I'm second guessing every idea I have for doing this. I've never done any stitching on a face before, and I really like the way she looks right now. I may just do all background and let her have a beautiful smooth skin, like any happy Princess would have!

4 - The Canberra Tree is listed for Monday, but there's something else still on the longarm at the moment. 

5 - Deconstructed Screen Prints quilt is currently on the longarm. I have custom quilted a unique design in each of the printed squares. I just need to fill up all of that white background space. I found that I didn't have enough of the color I wanted to use. Instead of running out, I will wait for my thread order from Superior Threads to arrive this upcoming week. This was on next week's schedule, so I'm ahead on this. 

6,7&8 - These are all due to be on the longarm after the 21st of the month. So there aren't 'up' yet!

9 - 2 pcs of mending out of the basket. I have 5 out, and another 3 that I've decided I'm not interested in keeping anyway, so they are out as well. I give myself a big high-five on this one! It was scheduled for the 26th and I did more than I hoped for!

10 - This one was to dye up some specific color wheels and color combos I've been working on the formulas for. If you've been following my posts for this past week or so, you know I ran into a situation that put this project on hold until I could feel confident that I was properly processing my cloth. After much reading, and re-reading I got busy with some extensive laundering of all dyed fabrics in my possession! Dyed by me or friends, didn't matter, everything was getting some 12 hour hot water soaking. I can't say just how much yardage was processed, but I can say that it took up 6 laundry baskets to get it all up to my ironing area!! Thank goodness I actually enjoy ironing. And the benefit of all of this is that I put together one laundry basket full of cloth to give away. Anyone getting it will not have to be concerned about bleeding of any sort. If time allows, I will get at this before the end of the month. 

#11 (added) Make fabric samples for my surface design group. Each month we send a 12" square to everyone participating that month. It's been a lot of fun and I've received some awesome goodness! We do this thru Stitchinfingers. 

I also got all business permits and licenses applied for, invested 2 quality trips to the beach with my hubby, drove 4+ hours to pickup and return with a ruler base, ruler and a 'glide' foot for the Fusion, finished knitting an afghan, and made a fun batch of pages for my journal. 

I almost forgot, I ate well, slept soundly, walked a few times, and chatted with friends online, via email, and in person!!

I have a great life! God has blessed me tremendously. 

What does He have you busy doing?
Leave a comment for another entry in the giveaway. Only 2 weeks left until those surprise packages start going out again. 

Anyone interested in old tissue paper patterns? Perhaps for your mixed media projects? Let me know,,,

May God bless the work of your hands,


Anonymous said...

Take care stitching just the background. On a portrait I found the face then puckered and looked grotesque. Can't remember how I fixed it. If you've used fusible behind the face then fusible under the rest may sort the problem. Check Pam Hollands blog she's discussed this.

Luann Fischer said...

The face, hair, and dress are attached with a thickish fusible webbing. The face actually has another layer of fabric behind it so the background wouldn't show thru. Do you think if I just outline the face, neck, and hair with perhaps a monopoly thread, and kept the dress and the green wall quilted very openly I would have the pucker problem? The remaining 'border' type pieces can be stitched in the ditch just to have everything stabilized. I like how it looks now and I've actually started to think about doing a gallery wrap onto a stretched canvas and forgoing the actual quilting of it. Any thoughts on the matter.
Thanks for the heads up on Pam Holland, I will check her out next.
Always nice to read your comments.
May God bless the work of your hands,

Lynda said...

What a list and sounds like you are getting lots done. I love reading what you're up to.

Oh, I did take some pics at rest stops on my trip per your suggestion. I'll definitely be posting one or two of them on my post today. Thanks again for the suggestion.

Do you use an ereader or an Ipad to read books?

Have a great Sunday!

Luann Fischer said...


I use my iPad. My husband gave it to me a few years back, after it sat in the box for over a year I decided I would figure it out. First thing I had to do was charge the battery up! once that was done, I set to learning about it and as many of the possibilities and programs that are out there. I've only touched the tip of the iceberg! I still prefer hands on materials when it comes to learning a technique, but as tutorial instructors improve their delivery I am changing in that respect also. Books that I'll only read once and then just refer to at sometime in the future, maybe, those being on the iPad means I don't have to ever decide when to pass it along. Now if I can just figure out the 'family sharing' ability I could let my family read my books too. Oh I'm sure I'll figure that one out too!

I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures.

May God bless your day with a bountiful harvest of inspiration,

Terry said...

I also have a "to do" list. I did try for three months to list what I wanted to accomplish in that month and found that while I made progress in some areas, I also started new items and some areas just didn't progress on the time line that I thought! So, the last two months, I've been focusing on finishing one or two projects from the prior lists and if I start something else, I don't feel guilty!!

Luann Fischer said...

The best way to get things done is to use what works for you! And, to not stress about any of it. I've gotten to a time in my life where I ask myself, "is this a 911 call, or just my ego wanting to be in control?" That usually fixes most problems with accomplishing goals.
My biggest reason for posting the list was that I don't have a true accountability partner. So I'm using my blog and all of you followers to encourage me to continue on this creative journey. Thanks for following along,
May God bless your day with friendly people to chat with,

Monica said...

Luann, I'm exhausted just reading your list. I'd be happy to get all that done in a year - I'm feeling very lazy in comparison. Good luck with the rest of your plan for August.
BTW, what is the story behind your Canberra Tree piece?

Luann Fischer said...

I think you forgot to click on the little button after your name that says to send follow up comments to you. The reason I say this, you asked me this at the beginning of the month and I gave you my "little" story as a follow up comment. I'm going to send you a private email also as I wouldn't want you to think I'm not answering your question. Just go to the comments section on the 'intentions and another giveaway' post from two weeks back.
If you get this but can't find the original answer, let me know and I'll try to forward you a copy. Not sure how, but I would try.
Also if you comment and check anonymous, please sign your name so I know it's you.
God bless you today,

Eileen Gidman said...

Thanks for pointing out the photos in your Aug 6th post re beautiful skies. I was going over my Aug to do list in my mind today. Seeing some else is as busy as I am is reassuring somehow. I look forward to seeing more of your creations.

Luann Fischer said...

Thanks for stopping by. My hubby is going on a 'sunrise over the river' walk tomorrow. I hope to have some pictures to use by mid afternoon. He lets me use his pictures if I didn't get the same shot as him, or I'm just busy doing something else.

Gill said...

What a list Luann - I'm impressed!
I love lists but like you I don't get stressed over getting everything on the list done!
I still don't have a kindle/ereader etc - but I've wondered about getting one for holidays/travelling!

Luann Fischer said...

I really enjoy using my iPad. I think readers may be less expensive, but I have apps on mine for kindle, nook and I get bookbub also. They can run as low 99 cents! They don't have something every week that I would want, but I figure the app is free so I can check out what they offer. Also, in the past I would purchase books from Prevention - Rodale Press. I now go to my iBooks app, look for the title and see if I can get it there. I've saved as much as $30 on a single book! It costs me less than the hassle of shipping something back. Just a thought.
Best of luck to you with which ever way you choose to go.

God bless,