Friday, October 2, 2015

Friday Finishes

First up is Poppy Fields. It is hanging in our living room now!
Second is my Sunrise/Sunset that is now on the wall in my sewing room. 
And last up is a Mondo Bag. This was not on my intentions for October, but, sometimes things just work out like that! This is the first time I've installed grommets. I will do them again. I just need to find the drawstring/rope/cording that I want for the drawstring. 

I lined it with some of the practice pieces I have from longarming. I like this leaf design, it's an edge to edge and quite easy to adjust in size. 

The weather may prohibit my being able to use my sewing or longarm machines tomorrow. If that happens, I'll organize my studio clutter. I'd rather sew or use my longarm machine. 

May God bless you with safe travels this weekend,


cottonfeathered said...

All beautiful but I love sunrise sunrise sunset. Well done

Luann Fischer said...

Sunrise/Sunset has commercially printed grey swirl fabric as the background. The colored portions are some of my hand dyes. I used Radiance, a cotton/silk blend. This cloth can produce two colors on each piece. It must be due to the way it is woven. One that I particularly liked, but didn't use in this piece has a gold cast to an olive green on one side, then the other side is a bronze look. Very interesting.
I stopped over to your blog and I'm anxious to see your Summer Birches piece,,, the others are so interesting.
Thanks for stopping by and commenting,

Lynda said...

Luann, Love all three of these projects! Love reading your intentions and then seeing what you accomplish. Amazing! You are getting so much done. I need to start making an intention list. Thanks for the inspiration.

Luann Fischer said...

Thanks for the comment. As you know, the only way we know we're being read is by comments left.
I have been so focused lately, that my own commenting has not been what it should be.
I guess that'll have to be 'intentionally addressed'!!
Have a blessed day,

Gill said...

I love your Sunrise/Sunset!!
Congratulations on your grommets - I've never tried them.

Luann Fischer said...

Those grommets gave me a bit of a work out. My thickness was a bit much. I had fabric squares on interfacing for the top piece then the lining was two pieces of quilting cotton and the batting, which was 'warm and natural', a lower loft. But that still was a bit to be able to push the rings together through. So, I trimmed a bit of the batting out from between the cottons, placed the unit on a table, put a scrap piece of bamboo flooring on top, and used all my body as a weight,, it really should have been easy, I'm not a little bit of a thing! LOL
I found them on sale at Joann's a few years back in the drapery department. I guess the bright colors were probably not going to be used for drapes, so I got them for totes.
Give them a try. I think around the top of a tote with a single height edge they would be very interesting.
Thanks for stopping by
Have a great day

Monica said...

Three lovely pieces, Luann