Thursday, October 29, 2015

October Review

I have 5 1/2 hours to midnight,, and I could grab an extra hour due to DST ending during tonight. I'm taking my chances that I won't have any addition finishes,,, so here goes the reviewing. 

As I look back over the month, I realize that my energy has a real ebb and flow to it. At the beginning of the month I had 7 finishes before I left for vacation on the 8th. That was exhausting and exhilarating at the same time. Here are those finishes:
Sunrise/Sunset Wallhanging

Poppy Fields Quilt, perfect size to be called a fireplace screen. 

My first Mondo Bag, definitely not my last!


Canberra Tree, and some art work from my grandkids. 
A client's quilt. 
Primitive Woolies Wallhanging. 

And I made progress on my BOM by getting directions printed and one block made,
I also got about half of the pieces cut for the next 15 blocks,

Then while on vacation I did some free form stitching on my hand dyed jacket,

Upon returning I had a bit of a bug so I slowed down and rested. While I rested I quilted up pieces for another mondo bag,
And 8 mug rugs/hot pads stitched and trimmed,

A few days ago I long arm quilted up three different patterns, each with a different thread color on some pretty floral fabric. I used a Farmers Market banana print for the reverse side. These are cut and ready to become totes. It's hard to see the design, but the texture is awesome.

Four more client quilts have been quilted up and returned:
I enjoy seeing what others have made. People can be so creative. And it's such fun when I get a scrappy quilt to see how many of the fabrics look familiar. 
I have 4 more client quilts to do in the next few weeks. Three will get a gentle meander, but one is a lovely Christmas piece and I hope that we can decide on something special for it. 

Then it was off to Five Loaves, Staples, Home Depot, and Publix before deciding to relax and enjoy the events of the day 
This is a real person, the costume would be good for a showing kids where the muscles actually are.

And the most "Not" scary man I know. 
And a few of the treats that were in the bowl. 

Have a safe evening,


Gill said...

Your sunrise/sunset quilt is still one of my all time favourites!
I love your mondo bag - I must make one myself

Lynda said...

Luann, You are amazing! Did you sleep at all last month? You wore me out just reading this post. What an inspiration you are! Can't wait to see what you do this month.

Luann Fischer said...

Yes, I do sleep. Some days I'm totally a rocking chair reader. It's usually books, mags, etc about quilts things. You've been pretty busy, as I've been reading your blog too. It's definitely been this whole documenting of intentions and reviewing that's got me moving along. My November list is a bit scary, even for me! i really want a 'cleaner' start to 2016.

Thanks for dropping by

Luann Fischer said...

I really like how the sunrise/sunset piece turned out. It was from a book about tweedle, tweak, something, something. There is a mini mondo bag pattern too. I like the large size for toting quilts to meetings. I haven't made the smaller one yet, but soon.
Thanks for stopping by,

Monica said...

Luann, I'm beginning to think that I should start blogging my intentions for the month, given how much you seem to be achieving. However, my child minding responsibilities really do limit my creative time. I'm hoping I'll do better next year when the little one starts pre-school.

Luann Fischer said...

You have the most awesome activity around!
I'd give up all this 'productivity' to be living closer to my Grandkids.
Maybe you could post your intentions of how many books you want to read to them, or trips to the playground, those are more important in the grand scheme of things. Sometimes we don't see how much we really are doing, until we document it. I'd love to see a post once a week from you with your child care activities.

Monica said...

Yes, Luann, I'm very lucky to have my grandchildren so near (about 5 minutes by car) and to see them nearly every day.
And, yes, while I haven't been doing much textile art, I've taken the little one to the local playground a few times in the last month (when the weather has been suitable), read her stories, taken her to story time at the library every Wednesday and watched her play with her friends in the playground next to the library.
I also take my older granddaughter to the Young Stitchers group each month and help her with stitching projects.
I'm trying to pass on to them my love for reading and textile arts.

Luann Fischer said...

I'd say you accomplish quite a bit!