Thursday, October 1, 2015

September, A Highly Productive Month

Finished my Medallion center for the 'mystery quilt-a-long' the other day. This completes the October clue. I'm really enjoying the colors I chose. I've been very drawn to reds and aqua so lately. 

And this is my Poppy Fields quilt. It is NOT a panel. Those are all individual fabrics, trimmed from side to side, along the image-edge you want to capture. The fabrics are: the stems, large poppies, small red flowers, birds in the branches, and a strip of white with blue clouds, then the strip of blue with white clouds. Clouds and all edges were raw edge appliqué. I quilted this one with a swirl pattern and my 'glide' foot!  Not a single edge flipped up. This foot is wonderful. I can see how much it will help. 

This quilt top came home with me yesterday from an informal group of stitching enthusiasts. I love the fabrics she chose and her improvisational approach to making blocks. I enjoyed quilting this one up on my long arm. I was able to send her a message last night that it was done. I put my client's quilts onto the longarm at the first opportunity. I like getting them back to their owners quickly. 

I've spent quite a bit of this past week getting a group together to do a Round Robin. Only ours will be a 'row' robin. We're going to make a row 6 1/2" by 36 1/2" each month for a specific person. When we get our rows in the mail, it'll be up to each of us how we put them together. I think we're all anxiously waiting for January 1, 2016 when it officially starts. If you would be interested in joining in the fun, send me a message at my email address Luann.fischer at yahoo dot com and I'll let you know how to join in. 

So, how/what were my accomplishments this past month?
** 3 clients quilts quilted using various patterns that were adjusted to the size of their quilt tops
** I walked more but this old body could use a regular routine, not so sporadic about it
** I spent a lot of time attending meetings, networking with others in my trade, & perfecting my skills
** How to create a continuous design with Spoonflower Handbook
** Caterpillar Crawl completed and hanging on a wall
** Fractured Flower was made into an oversized mug rug, so it would hold plenty of cookies,  LOL
** Sunrise/Sunset piece is quilted, and binding is attached to the front, just needs a little handwork
** Poppy Fields quilt is ready for binding
** DSP quilt completed
** 3 table runners pieced with my hand dyed fabrics are finished and waiting for gift giving time
** 4 Improv pieces have been completed, 1 given away, 3 being enjoyed at our house
** 7 previously quilted pieces were bound and given to a local charity
** Blog posts were kept on schedule
** Mystery quilt has September and October steps done
** Primitive Woolies is ready for quilting 

And what got put into "cogitation time" ?
"Roots" it was due today, and I'm not ready to show anything,, soon!!
The series on 'nests/beginnings'
The Princess, I did decide on the backing and binding fabric, but the quilting design is baffling me
Canberra Tree. The quilting and thread sketching was started on my sewing machine, I'd like to change over to the long arm, but I'm just not 'feeling' it yet!

And last and possibly going to be dropped off the list, is the 2015 Summer BOM on Craftsy. I like the pattern and free is great. I'm happy with my fabric choices. The whole project just hasn't held its appeal, so I'll get the info, watch the lessons, and maybe even save the group of fabrics in one place. 

There are only so many hours in my day and I want them to be invested well. So, sometimes, that means changing my mind, postponing an activity or project, or using discernment as to 'what' I will be busy with. 

My month has been filled with many other wonderful times with people I care about. This month, October, I will be visiting family and friends in the Midwest and I am looking forward to it with great anticipation. I may be a bit quieter, but I'll be creating one way or another. Creating and maintaining loving relationships is the most important activity in my life. 

May Holy Spirit comfort you and keep you, 
Until we meet again,


Terry said...

I hope your family visit is wonderful and you return home safe, fully charged to keep creating! Your to do list makes me tired!!!

Luann Fischer said...

I don't think I've ever gotten so much done as I have since I started posting my intentions on this blog! I've always been a list maker but this has really been a great way of keeping track of what I've done and pictures too.
Thanks for stopping by,
Are you still interested in the hat?
I'll need to find the right kind of box for it, but I will if you want it.
Send me a personal email about the hat, please.

Monica said...

Congratulations, Luann, on all the creative work you achieved in September. I'm really looking forward to February, when I expect to have a bit more time - my younger granddaughter will start preschool and I'll only have the girls for an hour or so each morning.