Saturday, October 3, 2015

This Is Valuable Information

Today I rec'd an email update from Myra. You can find her at  She has a link on today's post that gets you to Craftsy where you can purchase an all-class access pass for the remainder of October for,,, I can't believe it, but it's true,,,, $19.99. Her link says 9.99 but it's just a typo, I'm guessing. This is phenomenal! You could watch one class each day for the remainder of the month for less than a buck a day! The details are there, and if you've ever wanted to check them out, NOW is most definitely the time to do so! 
Maybe you remember when I put up images of some of the classes available. Just to be clear about this, I take classes thru Craftsy and I enjoy them a lot. I didn't get the email from them, I got it from Myra. I probably deleted the one sent to me. But, I am not in any way getting anything from Craftsy, or anyone else for passing on this info. I'm just excited about it. Hope it fits in your schedule to watch a few. 

Earlier today I finished my Primitive Woolies. It is quilted, bound, and on the wall in my sewing room. 
And I've started pressing some scraps left over from Sunrise/Sunset. 
I love the feel and colors of these pieces. That cotton/silk fabric is so soft and smooth. 
Well, I'm off to watch some Craftsy classes. 
May God bless you with a restfilled night and a 'Sonshiny' day tomorrow,


Deborah said...

That is a great deal on Craftsy. I have enjoyed all the classes I have taken.

Gill said...

I love the pic of your scraps - someone else's scraps are always more exciting than your own!

Luann Fischer said...

Gill and Deborah,
Thanks for stopping by.
I just learned that the 9.99 was in the original email,, I guess I will start reading before deleting!! At least from Craftsy,, LOL
Sometimes, pressing scraps is all the inspiration I need. After doing these, I'm determined to make a 'nest/beginnings' quilt with a silky blues sky. I'll post updates on that one, as I doubt it will finish quickly.
Off to produce more eye candy for my peeps,

Monica said...

The finished wall hanging is lovely, Luann