Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Accomplishments

I've been reading today's posts about the accomplishments that were achieved in so many of your lives during this year. I decided to take out the blog book I had printed and browse through it. I got quite a bit done this year myself! I believe this had a lot to do with posting my intentions at the beginning of each month starting in July. That was the month that I got a big fat ZERO for accomplishing anything intentioned. But, what it did accomplish was to motivate me into better focus on following thru. 

So, here goes with a recap on 2015:

7 wallhangings

1 afghan

5 quilts, ranging from crib to twin

7 table runners

20 mugrugs and placemats

2 mondo bags

6 pillow cases

1 journal cover

12 charity quilts. 9 only needed bindings to be attached, 2 needed backings to be made and the quilting to be done, and 1 was a QOV quilt that I used my longarm machine to do the quilting on

12+ quilts were quilted on my longarm machine using edge to edge designs for clients

I also have 5 more tops in progress (snowman, BOM batik, BOM mystery, improv triangle, leftovers)

So, it's been a very creative year for me. 

May God bless your new year with creative pursuits that energize you. 


Terry said...

Luann, What a great year you had too! Let's keep the momentum going all through next year too!-Terry

Luann Fischer said...

I sure intend to do exactly that! In fact, I just came down from the sewing room where I added a narrow border to my quilt I'm putting together from leftovers from Myriah's quilt. I wanted to get the backing ready and since I'm trying to utilize that 'left overs' basket, I decided to piece one. I like how it turned out. I think this might be the year of the 'twofer' quilt. LOL
Thanks for stopping by, and leaving a comment is always an encouragement.

Monica said...

Congratulations on achieving so much in 2015, Luann.

Luann Fischer said...

Thanks for leaving your comments. I have a good start on this heat already and will trust God to keep me focused where He wants me.

Luann Fischer said...

I am annoyed with auto correct, once again! I have a good start on this year, Not heat! I really need to check before I post.
Another item on the 'get better at these' list.

Monica said...

Ah, those pesky spell checkers! :)