Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A Busy Time of the Year

It certainly has been a busy 9 days since my last post. I have very little to show from my sewing and creative activities. 
My snowman quilt top, from a panel I purchased years ago. I fiddled with those mitered borders for more time than I should have. I really don't know why I didn't just sew them on two sides at a time. What was I thinking? The aqua plaid that shows around it is the border from my Poppyfields quilt. I just pinned this to the top. I will enjoy it for the 'winter' season and then finish the quilting and binding. 
My friend Vicky showed us how to make button bouquets at our Wednesday Clubhouse Meeting. They were fast, easy, and fun. I may put these on my 'gifts for others' list. 

And I polished my kitchen floor. Now I need to get the energy to do the rest of the house! 

I had 7 days with some type of event happening. One day had three! I'm a bit worn out.  I enjoy being with all of these people. I just wish they hadn't all decided to have their event on the same week. I'm glad I have the memories, Thanks to everyone that invited me, I love you all!

Merry Christmas


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