Sunday, January 31, 2016

January Review

I've been working on a NEW project. More info at the end of this post. 
Yep, you read that correctly! Wouldn't you think I'd have the sense to just get more things finished and not keep starting stuff? Nope, not my style. I'm making headway on all those left over projects from the past, as well as starting new ones. Some of the new ones get finished long before the next step is taken on an existing project. For example:
Top two pics show the back and front of a quilt made from my 'leftovers' basket. This is completed, just waiting for where God will have it go. This was a NEW item started and completed. 
Next is a set of 4 pillowcases made for someone's Birthday. Also a NEW project. 
The bottom picture on the left is a mini wall hanging that is 1 of 4 that were on one piece of cloth. They could become pillows but most everyone that has seen these want to look at them, not lean on them. This has been gifted and I got a picture/message of it 'on the wall'. 
The snowman quilt was a quilt top from last year that needed quilting and binding. It is now finished. 
Here are the other three wallhangings. They have been gifted, or are in the process of being gifted. 
The group of log cabin blocks were the January units for the Mystery BOM QAL with Terrie. Soon, I'll have the February info and can get those done as well. This is an ONGOING project. 
I've made no headway on the Improv Triangle Batik quilt. At present, all pieces are taking a break in the cupboard. I'm not sure where I want to go with it. 
My Batik stars quilt got a backing made for it, and it's draped over the front bars on my longarm. It's just not calling me name, yet. No picture needed of that. 
I spent some time putting this table topper together on the longarm. I used a stitch-n-flip method. It's ok, but I'd rather piece on my domestic machine, and use the longarm for quilting. I did apply the majority of the binding while it was on the frame. Another, ok, but I'd rather do it on my conventional sewing machine. This is completed and awaiting its destination call. 
A few other finishes included fabric twine coaster, infinity scarves, microwave potato pouch, a tad bit of stitching on my jacket, and I sorted about 1 1/2 gallons of buttons by color. 
And for the BIG NEW PROJECT. I've started a One Block Wonder. I wish I would have bought a book or pattern, it would have been a quicker process, but I'm all about challenging myself. Pics of original fabric, cut into identical triangles, then connected into half- hexies.
I then put them all on design wall and rearrange until I was pleased. 
Next I made tumbling blocks and chose where they would go.
 I've added extra blender hexies along both sides, and triangle pieces to the top and bottom of each column. 
These were all sewn together in columns. I've just begun to sew the columns together. This is not a quick project, but it is very satisfying to see how it comes together. Like I said, having some form of instruction that would give you dimensions of your hexie units and triangles is highly recommended. 

It's early Sunday morning and I have this afternoon and evening to sew if I want, I'll close out this month now. Tomorrow is another day and another opportunity to make progress on my projects. 

What's on your horizon?

May God give you a week filled with moments of awe-Luann

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Mid-Month Update

You may remember that I had 7 finished items in the first 7 days of January. Well, today is the 16th and I most definitely do not have 9 more finished. But I have 9 that got worked on or finished. 
First up are the remaining 3 small wallhangings. 

I also got my January blocks done for the Mystery Quilt Along

Then I had this bright idea that I could do a quilt-as-you-sew table runner, on my longarm machine!
Basically it's the stitch and flip method that I've done on my domestic machine. I really just wanted to prove to myself that I 'could' do it. The three main blocks were from a workshop I did with the Community Sewers back in Green Bay, WI. I did apply the binding to the top while it was still loaded on the rails, all except for 12 inches. That's the amount that I needed for making a bias joining. I did that and the final decorative stitching on my Viking 500. 

I got a potato pouch finished for my neighbors. 

Then I decided to make a One Block Wonder quilt. This consists of hexagons made of 6 equilateral triangles. You stack 6 identical cuts of fabric, align them precisely, cut strips, cut the strips into triangle-sets. You then take each set and make a hexagon. These are then arranged in some pleasing to the eye design and sewn together. Borders can be added. There are a few variations of the blocks that I might do. Here's a group picture of the beginning fabric, triangle sets, and the first 15 hexies up on my design wall. 
I have made more hexies, but my design wall can't display them all opened out, so this next photo shows 33 half-hexies. 

I'm trying to keep similar colors close together. I have 114 full hexies to make, along with some variations with other fabric. This will not be a quickly finished project. But, it is something I've wanted to get started on for quite some time. So it's a start, towards a finish, and I'm happy with that. 

I started this little coaster a while back, and it is now a finished piece. 

I've done some hand stitching on my jacket. It's an ongoing project to keep my hands busy at mtgs.

So that makes my project count at: 6 finished, 2 more having substantial progress made on them, and 1 with a little something added.  I'm satisfied. Actually, I'm pleased. 

So now it's your turn. What have you been up to? Leave a comment, and if you have an active blog leave its address so we can all come visit you. 

May God bless the work of your hands, and the words of your mouth. - Luann

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Seven Finishes in Seven Days

I have seven items finished and I've made some progress on a few others. 
The top two photos are the front and back of a reversible quilt. This will go to a special person. 
Four coordinating pillowcases completed and on their way to Miss Grayce. Purple band and gray-gradient cuff are the same on all of them. A different black/gray swirly print was used for the body of each case. 
Ms Wendy can look for her Faith, Hope, Love wallhanging to arrive in a few days. 
The Snowman quilt's binding was finished by machine. 
My quilts are meant to be used, and need to stand up to repeated washings. That's why I have chosen to attach most bindings by machine to the back, roll it to the front, and stitch it down with a decorative design on the front. I still have mitered corners and if it's a large wallhanging I will add twill tape to keep the edges straight and flat. 
And I spent some time working on cutting binding strips for the other Inspirational pieces, and cutting and sewing on the January clue for the Mystery Quilt BOM. 
I'll be back in a week or so to update you on my progress on the rest of the projects I intend to get finished this month. 

Saturday, January 2, 2016

January Intentions

Yesterday I wrote about my intentions for the entire year. Today, I'll get specific with my January list.

To get this flimsy quilted. I'm calling it Leftovers #1 because I'm using fabrics left from previous quilts. 

Make the decision to call this a flimsy or use it for the back of Leftovers #1 quilt pictured above. 

This is a flimsy that needs to be quilted. Snowman

Get my improv batik triangle pieces to flimsy stage. 

January pieces need to be made for this Mystery BOM QAL with Terrie. 

Batik Stars BOM flimsy needs quilting. 

Tequamenon Falls needs borders, quilting, maybe some thread work too. 

Dragonfly book needs to be made from all of the pages I received back in 2014!

Other things on the list include:   
House projects-painting, deep cleaning, decluttering, etc, etc. 
Healthier life style advocating-eating breakfast daily is the first step I want to become routine for me. 
Time with the Hubs at the beach. 
Putting in some designated time on my art courses. 

May God bless the work of your hands. 

Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 Intentions

This is the first bud getting ready to open on the camellia that we purchased 2 years ago. The flowers are a beautiful deep pink, and as they 'ripen' a lovely lavender and blue appear around the petal edges. We're hoping to get some pictures this year. It's been unusually warm and wet in our area. Hopefully we won't get an ice storm or frigid temps that make the buds fall off. 

On to the topic at hand. Intentions, resolutions, goals, or what ever you choose to call them by, we all tend to have them. Some of us are share ours with the world. We rely on accountability to foster the 'finish it' attitude we need. I have found that posting the 'big' list monthly has been a prompt for focusing on the doing part rather than the dreaming part. This has also been a place for me to put my thoughts into words and try my best to be understandable. Not always an easy thing for me.

Some of my intentions for 2016:

1-Seek God's guidance and purpose for my life. To quickly obey the promptings of The Holy Spirit. 
    *The first steps have been started for this adventure. 

2-Choose 12 specific unfinished projects to be finished by the end of the year. This list will be given to
    Robin at Cobblestone Quilters Guild. As I finish an item I will take it to a meeting for 'show n tell'
     time. I've not been bringing things in to show and it's time I get over this hurdle. 
    *The list has been made, I just need to move forward on the doing part. 

3-Plan 6-9 programs for Palmetto Fibers Arts Guild. As the Second Vice-President in Charge of 
    Programs for 2016, I will keep a journal/notebook for future reference. 
    *A list has been compiled for board approval. 

4-Follow the 12/1 schedule for losing weight, getting fit, and maintaining a healthier body. This will 
    include eating breakfast, the most difficult of intentions to follow thru on. 
    *The first 12 weeks will start on January 4, and the plan has been written. 

5-Utilizing the 12 weeks on, 1 week off routine will get many house projects completed. 
    *We discussed the first 12 weeks plan and are in agreement on the time frame. 

6-Creativity by Commitment. I will 'show up' for my appointments in my art studio and sewing rooms. 
    *I have put together a very doable plan for the first quarter of 2016. 

I've come to a spot in my life where I accept the fact that I am a list maker-line checker type of person. It is how I function at my optimum. Do I always follow the plan? No. Do I try to be realistic when determining what the plan will be? I'm getting better every time I do this. Have I ever just chucked it and vegged? Yes, but I have never felt comfortable when I do it. However, if you were to knock on my door I'd invite you in and make you a cup of tea. We'd chat for a while and I'd not fret a bit about what didn't get done! People are always more important than getting stuff done. 

I'll do a separate post for January intentions, this is getting quite wordy and only 1 picture so far. So, here's another good picture of me and the Hubs. 

May God bless you with loved ones to share your life with.