Sunday, February 28, 2016

February Review and March Intentions

Before I prepared to do this post I felt that I hadn't accomplished much of anything during this month. Then after I made a few notes and put some collage pictures together, I realized that I might not have the 'finishes' that I've come to expect of myself, but I really had been very productive just the same. 

First up is the OBW quilt that I started in January. I thought I was ready to quilt it until I layed it onto the frame and saw that it wasn't flat. Much to my dismay, after measuring, I realized that my cutting and stitching of the hexies in one specific area, was "OFF", I'm not taking it apart! But I know I also do not want a pucker. So, I sliced it, yep! Cut it in from the edge to an apex point. It now lays flat, but I have another bit of stitchin that will happen before it gets quilted. 

My Batik Stars BOM quilt top is still waiting to be quilted. I worked hard and long to get it to where it is and like most of us, I'm afraid to mess it up! So, I've spent time working out some designs on paper. My quilting had better be prettier than my workbook!

My friend Betty brought three quilt tops by for me to quilt up.  She's so kind, always says I can do anything I want, and then says it's perfectly what she wanted when I return them to her. She makes lots of quilts for her grandkids, and I'm blessed to be her Everyday Quilter. 
I hosted the February meeting for The Sandwich Makers', a Cobblestone Quilters Guild splinter group. We had 8 in attendance and shared so much useful information. I'm glad I got my room cleaned up before they arrived. I even had some of my leftovers sorted. 
The marbling on fabric mini workshop that I gave for The Palmetto Fiber Arts Guild, was successful. We all had a great time and most everyone went home with 3 fabric samples and a post card. 
I also did a mini workshop of a fabric manipulation technique, for a sewing group that I meet with once a month. I precut everything with my Accuquilt Go and saved a ton of time! 
The Go cutter has been a real help in my starting this tumbler quilt. And getting the leftovers cut into ready to use units for future sewing projects. 
It was a real treat to cut this stack of clam shells, for a future project. The leftovers were cut into units for some upcoming workshops. 
I also attended a one day class with Elaine Quehl from Ottawa, Ontario.  Had a great time with The Cobblestone Quilters Guild stitchers. Hosta 101 was the name of our class. I decided to use her pattern, Hosta Trio. Picture below, on the left is with the background fabric. It needs stitching and quilting , but today, I'm happy to look at it on the design wall. 
Kept the hubby busy with some painting requests. And putting this gorgeous ceramic flower into our garden. It was a gift from my neighbor, Debbie. She also gave me the rolling cart that had been black. 
Then, I gave a coat of a dark brown, even though it shows up as blue in the third photo down, to a collage piece that I've been unhappy with from the start of adding color. I figured I'd try one more direction before I burn or bury it!!  I wish it was that brilliant blue but it isn't. My next step is to invest some time applying a light metallic paint to the edges! 
I actually like the third picture the best, but you don't get to go back with this process. And the picture is probably nicer looking than the piece was in reality. 
And to be honest and up front, no progress was made on my Mystery BOM quilt, Batik triangle quilt, Tequamenon Falls wallhanging, or my Dragonfly pages. There's another month starting in a few hours, 
I'll see what projects get the attention. 

March Intentions: 
Move forward on any of my projects 
Cleanmy house
And visit my family in the Midwest. 

How have your intentions and accomplishments been lining up? Like ducks in a row, I hope. 
May God bless you with loved ones to share your life with. - Luann


Terry said...

Luann, currently, I'm stuck with my river progress; but, true to my word for the year, "focus," I'm staying the course! The project remains on the design wall while I try something else! I like your fabric manipulation class and YES--you accomplished LOADS! May March be even more productive for you!--Terry

Luann Fischer said...

I'm looking forward to your progressive with the river.
Funny how things that seem so 'undone' can help me see my progress, once I've blogged about them. I still have so many unfinished things, and I'm always adding to the list. It just turns out to be what becomes the priority at that time, gets done.
Thanks for stopping by. Luann

Monica said...

Once again, Luann, you've done a lot. I'm particularly interested in the piece you painted over. I've been thinking of working textured stitches into hessian and then painting the whole thing gold. Your piece has encouraged me to go ahead with it. However, I still have other projects on the go, so it will have to take a number and wait for its turn.

Luann Fischer said...

I want to do some dry rub of colors on the edges of the 'stuff' on the collage. It is not a blue color, that would have been very interesting though. Maybe I need to go back to the hardware store and look for an irridescent indigo spray paint. And if they don't have it, well maybe I can get The Rustoleum Company to make up one can just for me! I know they'd be delighted to do it for me. LOL
Thanks for stopping by. Hope your little Granddaughter heals up quickly. Sorry to hear about the broken arm. Let me know how she's doing. Luann