Saturday, April 30, 2016

April Review

I can't believe that it's the last day of April. Where did this month go? I feel like I've spent a lot of time 'waiting' this month. 
This was on my laptop screen for over 3 hours! To say it politely, the Windows 10 update was a disaster, cost me several days of irritation, and over $150 to get it removed and Windows 7 back up and running. Kudos to the Easy Tech people at Staples. Many of my days involved trying to get it uploaded, then trying to figure out how to navigate it, and finally making the decision that it was going to be rolled back to what I had, if that was even possible. I still have all of my software programs to install, but my documents and pictures are fully accessible. Yeah. Enough on this subject. 

The review:
1) Sent out the goody envelopes to those who left comments on my 3/22 post. Only one has an address issue, but that should get taken care of shortly. I still haven't made the final decision if these will be two quilts, or front and back of the same one. 

2) I made it to all 5 planned meetings, and added another one.  It was a Weavers Study Group, at a friend's house. I came home with a plan and within a week I finished this small piece. 

3) I wanted to get some headway done on Spring cleaning. We certainly did, but as the weather has been warming up fast this year, my energy and stamina is at a low. Thankfully the humidity levels have been very tolerable. George power washed all of the porch furniture. He then painted two rockers, and the legs and wooden portions of my antique table. 
While I was shopping for webbing for the sofa repair, and found this pillow. 
I also ordered this fabric for making new cushion covers for the wicker sofa. 
Colors are perfect. 

4) I got the OBW quilt quilted and trimmed. I will take my time appliquéing over the slash in the top. Then the binding and a decision as to where it will be hung. 

Added this: 
I quilted up a sweet kid quilt for my friend, Betty. 

I've made some progress on my other projects but nothing significant enough for a picture. That's the way it goes sometimes. One of these months I'll have so many finishes that I'll get comments about my  sleep habits! 
But it'll just be harvest time. Right now, it's plowing, planting, and weeding time. 

May God bless each of you with sufficient energy to accomplish all of what He has for you to do. Luann

Monday, April 18, 2016

Creative Weaving Playday

attended a Weavers Study Group meeting this past Wednesday. I came home with a book,  a little loom and the warp thread. I knew I had plenty of other supplies. I worked thru the first few lessons in the book, and then decided to try 'going for it'. I've got this little nugget hanging up on my wall. 

It should have a label with what I did and why. I'd better get this done before I forget what I did!
I'm still pondering what to do with those tied warp threads at the bottom. Beads? 

I am pleased with my playday project. 

So, if you were going to give yourself a playday to try something new, what would you do?

Sunday, April 10, 2016

April Intentions & Winners

This was what we woke up to on April 3. It was our last day in the UP of Michigan. Not unusual, just unwelcomed, as our all-weather tires are meant for all the weather in South Carolina! By the time breakfast was finished and we headed south, the roads had been salted and the sun came out. 
Now this is more to my liking. April 7, at the beach in SC. Great fun watching, but I'm not into flying with the Pelicans like that!

April Intentions: 

1) Send out goody packages to the 8 commenters on my 3/22 giveaway post. 

2) Attend all 5 group meetings on my calendar. As of today, 1 down and 4 to go. 

3) Start the Spring cleanup of house AND yard areas. This presently underway, but will take awhile. 

Make progress on the following: 

4) My OBW. Needs the cut addressed and then the quilting, binding, etc. 

5) Desert Sky Quilts, yes this will be two. The back is just too interesting to be against a wall. 

6) My pojagi piece. Need to decide the size it will become, and whether it will be curtain art, quilt, ? 

7) Batik Star needs to be quilted and finished. 

8) Mystery Quilt has several 'clues' that need to be done to be up to date. 

9) Hosta Trio. Appliqués need to be stitched down, thread painting, then quilting, etc. 

10) Dragonfly book pages may become wallies. 

11) Tequamenon Falls wallhanging. I need to decide if it will get borders, or finish it as is with a facing. 

12) Batik triangle improv challenge pieces are in a container. These need some sort of direction!

13) Flower garden from my hand dyed fabrics. Couching stems with the longarm is a possibility. 

14) Collaged piece needs to have some color added to all that black!

15) Fused fabric improv art quilt. This may need to just cogatate until it learns to speak to me. 

My thought for today: Continued progress leads to completed projects. 

Let's create today, Luann

Sunday, April 3, 2016

March Review

A short review. 
Took a class where I honed my precision sewing. 
Chose an alternate layout from the pattern. 

And the back started taking on a life of its own,,,
Worked on an art quilt from fused fabric scraps, needs lots of work. 
Started the placement of pieces I would like to put together with a pojagi look. 
And the finished tumbler quilt. 
Here's a picture of 6 composition books that I fused fabric to the covers. These were for my grandkids.  I made two more that didn't get into this picture. If you do this, rough up the cover, as they all started to loosen up as we hit cold weather! The moms will use some glue to keep them in place. 

I'm on vacation for a few more days. I haven't done any stitching while on vacation this time. Brought it along, but overcast skies make it difficult to see in the vehicle. 

April intentions? I'll get that together after I'm home and the laundry is finished, lol. 

Hope you're creating today. I'm creating the best thing ever: MEMORIES