Saturday, April 30, 2016

April Review

I can't believe that it's the last day of April. Where did this month go? I feel like I've spent a lot of time 'waiting' this month. 
This was on my laptop screen for over 3 hours! To say it politely, the Windows 10 update was a disaster, cost me several days of irritation, and over $150 to get it removed and Windows 7 back up and running. Kudos to the Easy Tech people at Staples. Many of my days involved trying to get it uploaded, then trying to figure out how to navigate it, and finally making the decision that it was going to be rolled back to what I had, if that was even possible. I still have all of my software programs to install, but my documents and pictures are fully accessible. Yeah. Enough on this subject. 

The review:
1) Sent out the goody envelopes to those who left comments on my 3/22 post. Only one has an address issue, but that should get taken care of shortly. I still haven't made the final decision if these will be two quilts, or front and back of the same one. 

2) I made it to all 5 planned meetings, and added another one.  It was a Weavers Study Group, at a friend's house. I came home with a plan and within a week I finished this small piece. 

3) I wanted to get some headway done on Spring cleaning. We certainly did, but as the weather has been warming up fast this year, my energy and stamina is at a low. Thankfully the humidity levels have been very tolerable. George power washed all of the porch furniture. He then painted two rockers, and the legs and wooden portions of my antique table. 
While I was shopping for webbing for the sofa repair, and found this pillow. 
I also ordered this fabric for making new cushion covers for the wicker sofa. 
Colors are perfect. 

4) I got the OBW quilt quilted and trimmed. I will take my time appliquéing over the slash in the top. Then the binding and a decision as to where it will be hung. 

Added this: 
I quilted up a sweet kid quilt for my friend, Betty. 

I've made some progress on my other projects but nothing significant enough for a picture. That's the way it goes sometimes. One of these months I'll have so many finishes that I'll get comments about my  sleep habits! 
But it'll just be harvest time. Right now, it's plowing, planting, and weeding time. 

May God bless each of you with sufficient energy to accomplish all of what He has for you to do. Luann


Madtatter80 said...

Love the projects, and all are very inspiring and love the chairs!

Deborah said...

Love your rockers. The colours are wonderful too. I have always wanted those on my porch but have never seen them in our area.

Terry said...

I LOVED your comment about weeding and planting time! Sometimes, there is little progress and then, it feels like lots of success--it is quite the rush when that happens. (I haven't done if for a long time; but, I still remember!!!) Love the fabric for the wicker sofa cushions and I am ALWAYS impressed with your stick to it, get it done frame of mind. I'd love to share a cuppa sometime! Kudos to that wonderful George for his hard work, those rockers are awesome!--Trry

Monica said...

I agree, Luann, that we much of our time is taking up with planning projects, rounding up resources and then working on them. Some people might work on one project at a time but it's more efficient to have other projects in the pipeline. I have started on a hand embroidery but I've also made silk paper and printed onto another piece of fabric, so that they will be ready for future projects.
Sadly, I didn't make any headway on my silk paper vessels. I've put them on the back burner for now.

Gill said...

I had the same issues with windows 10 - I got rid of it too!