Monday, May 16, 2016

Spring Refresh Underway

One of my intentions for this month is to get the house freshened up, aka Spring Cleaning!
After getting the house power washed I ordered fabric from to recover the cushions on the wicker sofa. Here are both fabrics. I bet you can guess which one is over 10 years old!
We try to have our screen porch be an inviting 'room' for ourselves, as well as guests. I spent quite a bit of agonizing time while these cushions got new covers.
 I'm very pleased with all of them.
So, the Spring Refresh is well underway!

Daily creative time included getting the bindings completed on my two Desert Sky pieces. They each will have different names, but that's the name of the pattern I used to produce the 'spikey' units. 
And #2
My bindings are usually sewn to the back, wrapped over the seam allowance to the front, and machine stitched down. I have a couple of decorative stitches on my machine that I especially like to use. However, this time, for both of these, I machine stitched them to the front and hand stitched the wrapped binding to the back. Thought I'd document this, as my hands are rather sore and I'm not interested in getting carpal tunnel syndrome in them. This will only be done on possible show entries!

I enjoyed Thursday evening's Cobblestone Quilters Guild meeting. Our guest speaker shared her journey as a quilter. If you don't belong to a guild, check one out in your community. They can be a place to connect with others that enjoy similar pursuits. 

Friday evening was spent listening to The Summerville Orchestra. The tickets are so affordable, something like $70 for the two of us, for all four performances! Yep, you heard that right. Season tickets are $50 for you younger folks. That's only $12.50 per performance, 2 hours of great music. 

Yesterday we attended church in Orangeburg.  Went to lunch with a couple we know from OLC. We then dropped in on Mom for a few minutes. She was asleep, as is her usual now. But she did say, "Hello" when I put my hand on her arm, and said we'd come to visit. She then promptly went back to sleeping. It was such a blessing to see her so peaceful. God has been good to all of us. 

We stopped by The Edisto Rose Gardens before leaving Orangeburg. They have suffered some damage from last fall's flooding, but they are still spectacular. 

We walked every day, and have been paying closer attention to our eating habits. 
I viewed two different Craftsy classes this week also!

So for this update, I can say I've made progress on all 5 of my May intentions. 

How are you doing on your projects? 


Madtatter80 said...

Looks gorgeous inside and out!

Deborah said...

Your porch definitely looks inviting. A good place to sit and chat!

Lynda said...

Luann, As usual you are amazing at what you do and get done. Your porch cushions turned out beautiful and so inviting. You are an inspiration!

Gill said...

I love your new covers - fabulous colours!

Terry said...

Love the cushions! I sure could see sitting on those and enjoying the floral view! You are amazing at what you accomplish!--Terry

Monica said...

Congratulations on making such good progress with your intentions for the month. The porch cushions look wonderful.