Friday, June 3, 2016

Goodbye May, Hello June

I just can't believe that it's June 4th already. Time has a way of moving swiftly when you're busy with enjoyable activities. I spent the last week with family, most often at the beach!

These are the two munchkins that brightened our days at the beach and touring Charleston.g

I thought I hadn't gotten very much accomplished during May, until I reviewed my calendar. Oh, yes, I did get quite a bit accomplished:
My Dragonfly book pages are now a book
The two Desert Sky layouts became two quilts. 
And this one has already been given away. 

Quilted up this fun Bugs quilt for a client. 

Made two pillowcases to coordinate with my tumbling blocks quilt. 

Iced dyed 4 tshirts for the girls. 

Finished my whole cloth quilt challenge. 
Cut over 500 squares and more than 600 strips for Enough Pie's Indigo Vat Shack 
Attended 6 meetings, 1 concert, and visited family and friends in Orangeburg several times. 
And stopped by The Edisto Memorial Rose Gardens

I also finished the quilting and first step of applying the binding on my Batik Star quilt. 

I think that's a pretty productive month, and I got a lot of reading done too. 
Almost forgot a major project,,,

Did I hear someone ask "what's on the horizon for June"? 
Today is the first of several meetings. 
The upcoming week will be spent mostly with family. 
This month's intention:  more projects finished than new ones started. 
That's a big challenge in and of itself. I'm always thinking up something to try my hand at. Like the loom and embroidery stand that I picked up. They 'JUST' need to be assembled, and I haven't found any directions to help me with that as of today. But I'm still looking. 

May God bless each and every one of you with loving family and friends to make memories with. 


Terry said...

Luann, once again, you've completed a varied list of projects! I so want to come sit on your patio furniture! Those iced dyed t-shirts look like a fun project. My favorite was the bug project just because there was so much personality showing!!!

Janice Smith said...

Wow! I'd say you have had a very productive month. I went to an earlier post to check out your dragonfly book. It's wonderful!

Monica said...

Congratulations on your wonderful achievements in May, Luann. It's encouraging to see how much you've done.

Luann Fischer said...

Monica, Terry, and Janice,
Thanks for stopping by. And leaving comments is very appreciated.
It's a way of sharing and making new friends around the world.
May God bless each of you with family and friends to share with. Luann