Sunday, June 19, 2016

June in the Rear View Mirror

Sometimes I need to look in that rear view mirror, not just a quick glance, but really look and see what is past. This month has been a month of passings. 
My mother in law passed away. She will be missed, but I have the hope of seeing her in heaven. 

We also dealt with the passing of a very dear member of our church family. Mike, will also be missed. And I have the hope of the Lord to see him again one day in heaven. This flower reminds me of him. 

Also in the rear view is my Batik star quilt. Completed and already put to occasional use. I hope to get it up on a wall, but that may not be its intended spot. Only time will tell. 

I became the recipient of over 30 boxes of books, yarns, notions, etc. from another church family. The lady had passed away, and the family wanted her fiber related treasures to be shared with like minded people. I was able to get the sorting done over the course of two days. Whew!  I took 11 boxes to Fabulon Studio on Wappoo Rd in Charleston. They will be shared with people that visit the studio. This was just the tip of the iceberg. 

I have several more boxes ready to go to various places and people. This endeavor has given me another heads up on my own collection of "stuff". I plan to do some destashing, trashing, and a lot of sharing. I have enough resources to keep several people supplied with creative activities for, well, for more years than I will live! 

When does having sufficient supplies turn into excess and hoarding? I wondered about this and there's not a difinitive answer. However, somewhere along the line, I can spot excess has crept in. Now just to put your minds at ease, I don't plan to eliminate everything that I can't use within 5 years! My plan is to do a destashing in a mindful way. I may just need to touch a piece of fabric again before I am willing to send it out into the world to become something special to the next recipient. 

With this in mind, I doubt I'll be back to the blog for a bit. I want to put in some much needed time with a favorite creative of mine, ME. I hope this doesn't sound selfish, it's about taking care of me so I can continue to help others. 


Terry said...

What a month! No wonder you've been taking some time to regroup as well as look back. I'm sending you big hugs!!--Terry

Dorothy said...

Wow prayers are with you. I cannot believe how much you get done in a month!! Just make sure it's fun (I have to tell myself that all the time haha).


Monica said...

Condolences on the death of your mother-in-law, Luann. I hope you enjoy some refreshing creative time. We all need to spend some time on our own creativity sometimes - although I admit that much of my time at present is taken up with meeting requests from others.

Luann Fischer said...

Thanks for the encouragements. I thought I was very prepared for the passing of my MIL. Her health had been declining for the past few years, and it became significant about 9 months ago. However, when it all happened, it wasn't so easy to cope with. I'm doing quite well now. I decided to pull back on all outside commitments for the entire month of July. It's the 11th and I've been getting several projects moved forward, some finished, and others started. I may just start taking all odd months off. It would sure keep the requests down,, hmmmm. May God give you wonderful people to spend your time with. Luann