Thursday, July 28, 2016

Got A Sweet Tooth?

I have a sweet tooth! There, I've admitted it to all of you. Most of you already knew this, but transparency can be good for the soul. This is how I'm going to handle it from now on. 

Please don't let Publix know that by them moving the florals to the entry area, they may just have given me a method of getting out of there without purchasing any sweet treats. Like, hmmm, Milkduds!  This little bouquet was $5.99 and a box of my favorite treats run $2.49. So, yes I spent more cash, but I saved myself hundreds of calories! Now if say that was 500 calories, which its way more than that. But, at 500 calories times by 7 weeks means 3500 calories. This would be one pound not put into my body! That means almost 8 pounds in a year! And the $2.50 per week is cheaper than any program out there. So, I think they shouldn't call it the Floral Dept. They could use my approach and call it the Beautification Boulevard! Maybe we should let the store in on this,, best thing is I kept looking at the flowers and walked right past the junk. I had my 'emotional fix' and my kitchen is prettier, not to mention the calories unused on junk food. 
This is a win-win situation for me. 

And now, I'm off on my next creative adventure. 
May God bless you throughout your entire week. Luann


Monica said...

Beautiful flowers, Luann, although they probably wouldn't distract me completely from sweet treats. :)

Terry said...

Sweet bouquet! Looks like a healthy distraction to me! :) It would certainly brighten your space much more than the package of calories--That is what I call them--helps me pass them by. . . .It is a BIG job to pass them by. Kudos to you!--Terry

Luann Fischer said...

Hi friends,
Just catching up on the comments to my posts.
I only know of one woman that said she did NOT have a sweet tooth. But she had a 'salt lovin tongue' as she put it. We each have our own little triggers so hopefully we will share the sweet and salty snacks in a 'virtual' way. No calories or health deterrents that way!
Have a lovely weekend. Luann