Sunday, August 21, 2016

Call and Response Challenge

Back in May, I handed to each member of Palmetto Fiber Arts Guild this little grouping of 'stuff'. 
Brown paper sandwich bag, cd, and pieces of fabric, yarns, threads, lace, and a section of a panty hose leg where the beginnings of our challenge. That was the 'Call' portion. Everyone was encouraged to be inspired and create. No other perameters were given. 
More will be coming in but these were the 'Responses' shared on Saturday. 
I know some members weren't up for this, but that's ok. It was meant to get some creative energy happening. 

Bev L. brought in her Dancing Diva, Freida Friday. She would receive the 'Best Last Minute Effort', because Bev told us it got done the night before! Way to 'rock on'!  

Next is Susan I., owner of Fabulon Studio. She takes the 'Early Bird' award. Her's was finished back by our June meeting! Obviously, she was inspired early on. 

Here is Angela's Flower Garden. She used everything but the bag and cd. The panty hose?, yep they are her stems. This one gets 'Best Incorporation of Materials into Another Piece of Artwork'. 

Kathy B., our President this year agreed with me that so many ideas kept running thru her head until she finally decided to just 'do' something. I think this is her rendition of those kitchen witches from the past. So her award is, 'Better Done Than Not'. Front and back. 

This next one from Sandy H. gets the 'Most Inspired' award. She didn't use any of the items that she was given. However, she told how the variety of them inspired her. To my best recollection she said: There were shiny and dull surfaces, thus her choice of yarns
The insertion type lace led her to make the open work area where the drawstring goes thru, and
The 'strings' gave her the direction for those drawstrings. There might have been more, but my memory only has so much space,,, oh, I think we can safely say the brown 'bag' is represented, too. 

Finally here are my two pieces. A little something for my sewing room wall. And the bookmark/note pad I used for keeping track of all those July finishes, etc. I get, 'Everything and the Kitchen Sink' , the only piece you can't see is the fabric strip and that was used on the backside of the bookmark to hold everything together. 

The 'Call and Response' challenge was something I read about on someone else's blog. I don't remember who, so if you read this and it was your blog, let me know and I'll put your info on this. 
I recall it was a Jazz term where one musician would play a 'rift' then another musician would respond with their 'rift', and on it would go. 
So, I hope this encourages some other creatives to put together 'goody bags' and challenge your friends to be creative. 
May God bless you with inner peace and joy. Luann


Terry said...

What a fun challenge and I love seeing how everyone responded! Your items are GREAT!!! I wouldn't have thought of using panty hose for flower stems though! :)--Terry

Luann Fischer said...

Wouldn't this be a fun challenge amongst bloggers and their followers? I guess it would be a 'link up'? I've not done one of those yet, but I just might. I'm already thinking of a way to handle it so that no one person does all of the 'bag filling and mailing'. Would you be interested first part of 2017?
Just a thought at the moment. I'm involved in several new learning experiences and I want to get them underway first.
I'm learning to give myself the 'time needed' to make sufficient progress on any project. But lots to get done in 5 weeks, before I go on vacation!!!
I don't post or comment as much lately, but I'm still in the reading it all mode.

Nancy Warren said...

I missed the deadline, because I am away, but I'd still like to try it out. wonderful idea!! Such great responses!
Thanks for the inspiration!

Luann Fischer said...

Bring your piece to any meeting. Maybe having a few every month, just might spark a new creative flame for someone else.
I'm already thinking up the next challenge. With the diversity of interests within our guild, I will keep it very open ended. I'm pondering on starting the new one at January meeting. Oh, so many things to plan.
Thanks for leaving a comment

Anonymous said...

What a fun idea! I love all the creative "responses".