Friday, September 30, 2016

September Review

This post is going to be short and sweet, but lots of pictures.
I finished this quilt's binding. Then made pillow cases to go with. 
Next up was a Labyrinth pattern. (Debbie Maddy) I tweaked it a bit for how I wanted it to lay on the bed and to accommodate only having a single one yard piece of my focus fabric. 
Instead of pillow cases, I made the Euroshams to fit two pillow forms I was able to get locally. 

Here are princess covers for two of the grandkids. Their mom had given me the fabric last spring. I thought it was about time to get something made. Only had a 'skimpy' yard of each. Some stores are downright stingy. They cut at 36" but it isn't a square cut to start with and you get less than a yard to work with. 
 And because the prom fabric finally got used, I was able to cross this page out completely! First full page crossout since May of this year. Lots getting done, but they aren't all on a few pages. Some day I plan to have this little notebook filled with 'finished' projects. Just a fun thing for me. 
Four fat quarters that I dyed up. 2 are ice dyed, and the other 2 are a low water immersion method.
The beginnings of a quilt. And a pillow case to accompany it. I had to remake a pillow to fit, sometimes my fabric choice just is 2 inches shy, and I use it any way. Then I have another project to get done. 

I'm taking a Basic Crazy Quilting Course with Kathy Shaw. I've really enjoyed learning her techniques. 

 I really like how it's turning out. 
 3,283,792 stitches since I got my machine at the end of July last year. And I have 5 or 6 quilt tops that will be delivered early October for getting made into 'quilt sandwiches'. Sandwich Making is a lot of fun. Yes, that's what I call it when I stitch the top, backing, and batting together. 

By the time this post goes up I will be on the last few days of my vacation. I'll see you back here sometime in October. 

May God bless you with a loving family, and time to spend with each of them. - Luann


Terry said...

Your two dyed FQs that look like a print are gorgeous! You are amazing! The leaf pattern you quilted on the star quilt is striking against that black background. I love the princess "covers." One of my grands would enjoy making that! It was impressive to see how many stitches you've put on your Fusion. Enjoy the last moments of vacation!--Terry

Anonymous said...

So much goodness in a single post! I love the quilting on that first quilt. Your hand dyed fabrics are gorgeous! It really feels good to cross things off the list, doesn't it? Have a great day!

Luann Fischer said...

I certainly do enjoy following each of your blogs, too.

debby said...

Came over to check out your quilt with the focus fabric. Your ice dyed pieces are gorgeous!

Luann Fischer said...

Thanks Debbie,
I used clothespins for my resist spots. It's so hard for me to NOT add a little dye powder from every color I have. This time they were very cohesive. I've been thinking about using them in a mom/child quilt project for a local shelter. They're only fat quarters so I'd have to get very creative with a good placement. Thanks for stopping by.