Monday, January 23, 2017

January Is Flying By,,

Here we are 3+ weeks into January. Time sure does flywhen you're having fun!
I gave a presentation about silk and silk fusion, at the Palmetto Fiber Arts Guild meeting on Saturday. 
We also did a scarf dyeing class. George went with me and we each did one. We enjoyed working with a tissue paper product that had dye powders in it.  I have them soaking to make sure we have no issues with staining in the future. 

Some of my fun has been playing with the pieces I made in my Silk Fusion workshop. 
I'm not sure if this is where I will leave it. I have it pinned to another quilted wallhanging until I decide. This becomes #12 for January projects. #11, added on my last post, is an ongoing project of ripping and rolling bandages for mission groups. 

Also on the last post 1,2,3,and 8 were completed. 

#9 is the decluttering and organizing that is an ongoing project. I have added quite a bit to the boxes that I've already started so progress is being made. 

#10 was to be prepared to go to my guild's Beach Retreat at the end of this week. There were some situations that arose and I will not be attending.  I may just take the weekend and stay in my sewing room except to eat and sleep. And go to church. 

Numbers are a bit out of order, but that's pretty much the way life goes for me! 

4- The Mermaid sweater is no longer. I started from the bottom with unraveling it, and using the yarn for a cowl/scarf. Not entirely happy with this either. I may unravel it all! This picture shows the cowl on the upper portion of the chair and the remains of the sweater below on the seat section.  lol

#5 was my Basic Crazy Quilting Class project. I have removed it from the stretcher bars and trimmed it. The blues/greens fabric is what I'm think about using for a frame around it. 

6 and 7 have not been moved forward as of this morning. 
So here's where I stand:
4-changed direction
5-progress made
6-no progress
7-no progress
9-ongoing project
11-ongoing project
12-progress made

And now I'm off to get a few things done before I get some lunch. 
Hope your month is full of fun too. Luann


Terry said...

Luann, you are cruising with your projects! Those silk scarves look yummy! You are branching out too with your creativity. Sometimes stretching feels good and sometimes it feels scary; but, change is good because it is what keeps us current!

Luann Fischer said...

Sad news about the silk scarves. After heat setting with the iron, as we were told to do, I put them into soak, just to be on the safe side. Almost all of the dye soaked out! I couldn't believe it. I'll include pictures on my next post. I may order some of those tissue papers and try to figure out what went wrong. Could have been not enough vinegar, not enough batching time, or not high enough heat, or, or, or??? It looked like such a fun project to do with kids, but until I know how to make it permanent on fabric, I would stick to using this method on water color papers. Thanks for staying connected.
And as always,
May God bless the work of your hands. LUANN