Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Day By Day, February 15-28

February 15- I woke up this morning with a terrible headache. I got moving after lunch and put away all the paraphernalia left over from Saturday's Silk Fusion Workshop. The studio's table is cleared off now. 
I did a little alteration on a pair of 'relaxed fit' jeans. I definitely feel thinner in closer fitting jeans. 
I made an insert for a tumbler. I forgot to get a picture before inserting it and once in, not coming out!

February 16- Today I made significant progress on my BCQC project. I removed it from the aqua borders and found a soft green for it to sit on. I used a herringbone stitch to attach it. I then played with some embellishments. None are permanent, yet. But I'm much happier with where it is at. 

Flowers are blooming around the yard! 

February 17- A shell dressed to go out on the town. And more waiting to be dressed. 

February 18- Palmetto Fiber Arts Guild. SEFAA Representative, Lynn Tinley is our speaker. It was a great meeting. We learned about SEFAA. It's located close to Atlanta, Georgia. I think several of us are interested in becoming members and doing road trips for some of the events. 
When I arrived home, my insert for the kitchen sink had arrived. I'm happy with my purchase!

February 19- Out to lunch with friends after church. The camellia, in front of OLC, is in full bloom today.
Some of my grandkids were able to enjoy unseasonably warm weather in northern Illinois.

February 20- WW weigh-in day. Yeah! My focusing on healthy eating paid off with another loss. 

February 21- While I try to vary my walking route each time I go out, I do enjoy checking up on the azaleas just two blocks away. There's about 4 large clumps of these, each about a 4' mound of pink. 

February 22- I received another box of 'creative goodness'.  I enjoy looking through these goodies, and finding them appropriate homes. This time, they are speaking directly to my heart. They will inspire me for a time before going on their way to other creatives. There are several packets of small samples, complete with description of stitch used. I'd love to use them in an art piece of some sort, with a map for others to be able to identify the stitches she used. 

February 23- The peach trees are blooming in our area. 

February 24-  The pines are giving off copious amounts of yellow pollen. I'll be glad when this is over. 

February 25-  Today was a lovely day to visit Mepkin Abbey. 

February 26- Happy Birthday to Leslie. George is helping at church today. 

February 27- WW weigh-in day. I am down another .4 for a total of 7.2 pounds lost since starting on February 9th. Signed up for Creative Strength Training, with Jane Dunnewold. There are 5 of us taking it. It's an online 10 month course. We will work through the monthly offerings individually. Then get together for discussion and community time, as it works into the schedules of 5 very active people. 

February 28-  In the mail today I only had one piece addressed to me. It's filled with inspiration. 

Well, that's the wrap up for February. It has been a very interesting month. I've invested time in a lot of areas that I will share with you soon.

As always, 
May God bless you throughout your week. 

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Terry said...

What a terrific month! Good for the gains of insight and loss of pounds! I like the soft green better than the blue too. Isn't it interesting how our heart can keep us on the "road?" What paint did you use for the sea shell? It looks sparkly and fabulous!