Sunday, March 12, 2017

Dimensional Weaving & Embellishing Workshop

We have Martina Celerin coming to the Charleston, SC area in October. This will be a very interesting and diverse workshop. No previous experience or equipment is needed. Everyone can join in on this without being a "weaver".


Terry said...

That looks like a terrific workshop! I so wish I lived closer!!! I look forward to your post sharing all about it!

Luann Fischer said...

It would be so much fun to have you join us. Wouldn't this be a great offering at a week-long retreat for Creative Adventures?
Oh, boy, another rabbit hole for me to think about,,,
I'm going to do a blog post after the workshop with all the info I needed to use to put it together. Then a second one, two, or three to cover the actual workshop happenings.
If you decide to take a vacation to my area, this would be a perfect item to add to the itinerary. We could even figure something out for your hubby, if he wanted to do sightseeing while you are in class. Just a thought,,,
Have a great day,