Monday, May 8, 2017

April Review

May 8th, already? April passed with the speed of lightning for me. I'm counting on May to regroup and get back into my 'creativeness'. I enjoyed many days in April with family and friends. Here are some of the highlights.
I used some paste papers to cover a composition book, a gift for a friend. 

Processed through some of the exercises in the Creative Strength Training course I'm taking online with Jane Dunnewold and her daughter Zenna.  I used Pics Art, a free app, to do the manipulations. 

Started pulling the rows together that I have received, from around the world. We had 18 participants exchanging 6 1/2" by 36" rows, or pieces of fabric if they opted for the alternative. 

Myriah and family added chickens and ducks to the farm. 

Call and Response Challenge 2017 bags were prepared and handed out at the PFAG meeting. I have several yet to be given out. We had a great time last year doing it.  This year's bags have only one item the same in all of them, last year they were identical. The finished pieces will be revealed in the fall. If you want more info on how this works, let me know. Or, if you want to be included and get one of the goody bags, I can mail it out. Send me a message if you are interested. 

The Charleston Modern Quilt Guild requested all members to make a 12", finished size, black and white block. I call my block, Hexed Half Hexies. I was gone on meeting day so I'll get it turned in this month. I don't know what they'll be making with them, but I'm sure it'll be interesting. 

We returned to the Midwest for some time with family and friends. Miss Hannah ended up with Strep, and a week or so later lost a tooth. She is such a trooper, was sad that their time with us was cut short, but I'm glad no one else came down with it. And modern medicine took care of it quickly. 
We always enjoy spending time with everyone.
Swans on the side of the road in the UP of Michigan. 
Gifts are made and exchanged. We had a great time decorating shells. I was too busy to get any snapshots. Heather is quite the artist, and she knows I love dragonflys and damselflys. Yes, there is a distinct difference between the two. 
Wendy has been a special person in my life for about 18 years, love her as though she was born to me. 
And the youngsters made us some special gifts too. 

Snow in Michigan and beautiful weather in Berea, Kentucky. I enjoy looking at snow, but prefer to leave the shoveling to others. 
Columbus, Indiana is a city we stop in for a cup of coffee. We then capture a few interesting images before continuing on our way. 

After returning home we enjoyed a few hours at the beach and checking out the flowers in our yard. 
Myriah and her Dad went to the Daddy -Daughter Dance. 
And I just finished wrapping this piece onto the stretcher bars for Richard, the man that power washes my house. He has been a fan of my work ever since I met him, 3+ years ago. 

Not sure which direction he will hang it, but that's the beauty of the piece. And my walls are painted China Doll, a beige that just stays in the background unless I'm taking pictures,,,

Well, I'm off to get the bedding into the dryer and make some lunch. I'm not posting the intentions for May, as they are mostly related to 'cleaning and decluttering'. Oh, no, I just got another phone call from someone that's downsizing. Unlike last May and June, this lady assures me she does NOT have 30 plus boxes for me to find homes for. 


Terry said...

I love the piece for your power washing man especially in the vertical position! Wow! I think a paper bag challenge would be fun. Although right at the moment, I'm still quilting the chickens so perhaps, I'll check into this at a later date! Great to hear from you and your photo manipulations are terrific!

Luann Fischer said...

Thanks so much. I've been tardy with posting lately. I got a new iPad and wouldn't you know I have to use the old one for blogging. The new iOS format can't deal with blogger, as it has not been updated recently. Oh, pooh! Thankfully I didn't give the old one away. I just have to make sure it has a full charge when I go to use it. And, be patient, as it sure doesn't go as fast as this new one. I'm glad I can comment, use Facebook, etc. on this one. I may just send you a paper bag of goodies for the fun of seeing what you do with it, when ever you have the time. I've been reading your blog, just not doing much commenting lately. I guess I go in and out of seasons on this stuff. lol
Have a great day, and don't forget to wear a red hat every so often.

Lynda said...

Luann, Wow! What a packed month. You amaze me at all you do. Love the piece for the power washing guy. I bet he will love it. Your photo manipulations were awesome. I've played in that program but never got very good results. Always love to see what you're up to. Happy May!

Luann Fischer said...

Thanks for the compliment about that piece for Richard, Southeast Power Washing Co. Yes, he was very please. I'll post his acceptance picture on this month's review.
It's funny that I often get a comment about how much I do. I usually think I'm not getting much done, and then when I take a little time to write a review, I realize just how many things I've been busy with. Lots of them don't get mentioned in the post but they take time to get done just the same. I have found that reflecting and acknowledging what I have on my Got It Done List encourages me to continue to move.
I'm going to be accepting someone's 'stash' of dyeing stuff on Thursday. Also a machine for needle felting. I already have one, and this will give me the opportunity to have 'play days ' with other like minded people. Sure wish you lived close by. Perhaps you and Dave would like to come to the Charleston, SC area for a vacation?
Always good to hear from another 'Fiber Friend'. Have a wonder filled day.