Wednesday, May 31, 2017

May Review

May was a month of adventures.
A day at Folly Beach gave me some interesting images for future art projects. 
Got this picture in of Myriah finding the first 4 leaf clover, and the first 5 leafer, of the season. Isn't she adorable? She has a very inquisitive mind and can drive people half crazy with questions, but I love that about her. 
Had the house power washed and gave Mr. Richard a little something extra. He has been an admirer of my hand dyed cloth pieces ever since I met him. So, while he cleaned, I mounted this small piece onto stretcher bars for his office. He said that in the landscape orientation it looked like water in a pool. He preferred the portrait orientation as it brought out the feeling of trees by the waters edge. Cool,,,
I finished a Kumihimo key chain that was started at last month's meeting of the Palmeeto Fiber Arts Guild. Thanks Kathy for helping us learn the technique. The hubster and I filled 2 bags and a box with clothing that we took to our local Goodwill store. I received another quilt from the 'Ducks' to be longarm quilted and finished it off quickly. I do enjoy quilting things with a lot of colors and varied fabric patterns. The last image below is of our screen porch. We had it repainted after the cleaning. 
I had a super fun day at Pam's house, with her and Bev. Pam lead us in an adventure with felting wool roving over a vinyl circle, both sides each got several layers. We then mashed it, rolled it, and beat the ever lovin' out of it. A lot of excitement happened, as we cut a hole in one side, pulled that vinyl disc out, and started the felting of the inside. What a terrific day we had. 
And because I had so much fun, I just had to try something further a few days later. I'll just say that I have a long way to go to be 'good' at this but,, I'm already enjoying it immensely. Thanks Pam. 
I've been working on 4 small quilt tops. Third image is an improv piece that I have been using up the bits and pieces from the other three, 36x48 is the size I want all of them to finish at. No quilting until I can be ready with all 4 to go on the longarm at once. These will be for charity situations so I usually just do a very basic edge to edge design to get them done. I don't hand stitch the binding, it would slow down the other areas that I enjoy so much more. 
Pam came over for a day of ice dyeing 
and these were her pieces. 
I enjoyed those color combos of Pam's so much that I decided to take her green/blue/yellow grouping and try some pieces for myself. I did add Amber to the mix she used on hers. Did almost the same patterning, but they always come out unique one of a kind pieces. I love the serendipity of it. 
I've been working on preparing books, boxes, and vinyl 3-ring binders for some upcoming projects. 
Trying to see what techniques work and which ones aren't going to make the cut. CitraSolve probably not, it dissolved some of my gesso! Modeling paste, although I like texture, another probably not, as it'll tend to get worn off. The lower two images are of the vinyl binder that I applied ModPodge to. I was concerned that it may just peel off like a sunburn. I was pleasantly surprised this morning to find that I'd have to work at getting it off. Yeah, this will work. Then I used more as the glue and top coat for a piece of my silk fusion and the top layer of a napkin. I used this technique on the shells a month ago. However, this time I didn't tear my napkins into small pieces and it's pretty obvious by the wrinkles. I may go back in and add more memorabilia to disguise those lines, but maybe I'll do a dry brush effect over them with a soft taupe, or maybe,,,,   I bet you can come up with a few options also. Leave them in the comment section and we'll see where it goes. 
This post would not be complete with out some special acknowledgements. First image is off a beautiful wooden ring holder and box, turned by Bob from Orangeburg. It is sitting in front of the 2 dragonfly canvases Heather painted for me. I am so blessed with creative family and friends. Then there are 12 envelopes filled with fabric 'candy' that will go out to the far corners of the world. I did this as a blessing to a new friend. The owl fabric was found on my way to one of my guild meetings. I'm not sure exactly what it's final use will be, but there is at least one grandchild that has her eye on it. 
And the last image. It was a gift from my husband. I've wanted to take 'real' art lessons since I was in 8th grade. That's over 50 years ago! I want to be able to draw what I see and be able to recognize it 2 days later, lol. There are 36 lectures, with assignments. I'll be sharing my progress during the year. 
May was a fun filled month. 
June is on the horizon and I'm giving a little thought to posting the intention list again. I'm sure some of them are pretty obvious: drawing, finishing those charity quilts, making 4 more charity quilts with a bit more masculine feel to them, journal covers from old books, more silk fusion, another felted wool item. Oh my, this list is only the tip of the iceberg! Well, it's June tomorrow, I say, "let's melt an iceberg"!
Have a creative day, Luann. 


Terry said...

Wow! I liked what you were doing with the roving. I loved the ice dying. Congratulations on taking the art lessons! Your husband is a wise and special man! Good to read your post!!!!!!

Luann Fischer said...

Thanks for those kind words. I've been following you too. You're a pretty busy lady. Hope everyone's health moves forward without any incidents.
May God continue to bless you.

Gill said...

Wow Luann you always achieve so much each month - I'm in awe!!
I love the ice dyeing and I look forward to seeing the results from your art classes!

Luann Fischer said...

I've read the intro and first four lessons, watched the video lecture for the first lesson, and I will gather my supplies and start today. He did a demo, made it look easy, and Professor Brody speaks in a way that I can understand. He doesn't use a lot of technical words. Just the art history he has covered is something new for me. A chunk of cheese is 'on the agenda'. I'll post a picture of it, whatever level it's at.
Thanks for commenting. Wish you lived close enough to come over for a day of ice dyeing some cloth.