Monday, June 19, 2017

A Busy 10 Days

The past 10 days have been packed with activities and traveling about the area. 
First off I attended the Second Saturday Spinners. This is a study group within PFAG. I purchased a uniquely embellished drop spindle from Madelaine and she got me started on the process. At first my yarn was pretty interesting, to say the least. It's a thick 'n thin art yarn, right?
On Wednesday I went to Orangeburg for the final night of VBS. George was taking some photos. I decided to 'tend to my spinning project. Within the short time I had, I got a bit better. I'm pleased with my progress. 
On Monday I worked on using up some of the strips I've cut. I have a plan, but I'm not sure it will come together the way I want it to. So far this is where it is. And that one lone strip to the left is the only one left of my 1&1/2" strips! The green is a large piece I use as a backdrop for some of my pictures. 
I also worked on getting 5 kid sized quilts done for a family in another town. Just wanted those kids to know somebody cares. 
Tuesday was George's Birthday. We went to Palmetto Flats, here in Summerville, on Monday night. Had a delicious meal. And wouldn't you just know it, Tuesday morning we went to Sunshine Bistro for breakfast. It's fun being retired, and not worrying about enjoying life too much!

On Thursday, I went into People, Places, and Quilts.  We had a rug hooking get together. And we'll be there again this week. When you enjoy things you just like to be busy doing them. My hooks came in this week, along with some other supplies so I should be ready for our next time together. 
That evening we had a meeting of the Low Country Fiber Arts Guild. This is a new group that's meeting in Summerville. Lots of great people and creative ideas. Prior to this meeting I had a brainstorming session with Pam. She and I are diligently putting together a special presentation for 2018. I'll share more info as we get things wrapped up. It's all very exciting. 

On Saturday the Palmetto Fiber Arts Guild met at the Fabulon Studio on Wappoo Road. It was our Charity Stitch day. It's always so interesting to hear about everyone's activities that bring them a sense of helping others. I shared the 'ripping and rolling' of bandages for developing countries. Other organizations/activities included Homeless Veterns issues, Knitted Knockers, and Locks of Love. 

Today has found me posting to the PFAG blog, doing my laundry, lunch at the clubhouse, hanging curtains on my screen porch, and I even have invested some time cleaning up my inbox,, funny how it gets junked up. And obviously I'm writing this blog post as well as remaking beds, folding undies, etc etc ! 

It's close to 3:30 and I hope to get the rugs washed before going to my sewing room and investing more thought into that 1&1/2" strip quilt. I have 2", 2&1/2", and some even larger strips yet to make use of. If I get any significant progress made before I publish this post, I'll add a picture. 

Until the next time,
Let's Create Today!


Terry said...

Spinning, stitching, quilting and hooking. . .you dabble in all the arts! That yarn spinning and the results were amazing. You catch on so quickly! I look forward to seeing your next step on those strips!!!

Luann Fischer said...

Yes Terry I am active in many of the different textile avenues. I'm planning to use the yarn at the workshop in October with Martina Celerin. I'm not sure if it will be used as water or sky, but then again, it may become a tree! One never knows what will happen when open to the 'what ifs'' of creating. I've also taken on the blog site for one of the guilds I belong to. I'm not good at replacing someone else and sticking with their vision or design decisions.
I saw your post with the grands playing in the park, with their favorite 'big kid'. It's happy times when they're around!
Have a great day.