Friday, June 30, 2017

June 20-30 Review

It's hard to believe we are half way thru 2017 already! And the last 10 days have been busy ones. 
I've been learning how to do primitive rug hooking. I plan to add 3-D flowers to this burlap ribbon using the prodded hooking method I saw demonstrated by Dawn Hortman Shaw. She graciously accepted an invitation to do the demo, again,  at the July meeting of Palmetto Fiber Arts Guild. We have a small group that meets on the fourth Thursday of each month at People, Places, & Quilts. They're located on Richardson in Summerville. A great group of sharing people. I'm learning a lot from these folks. 
I got two sheets ripped and rolled into bandages for medical missions. I enjoy doing this. It's a great project for me when I'm at a 'bend in my road'. When I just can't get focused, I can always rip and roll. 
My good friend Pam and I went to an indigo Shibori dyeing adventure. Kristy Bishop was the instructor. She's a very knowledgeable woman. We had a great time, especially after arriving and finding several of our Low Country Fiber Arts Guild members were already there. A very pleasant surprise. 

cleaned up my sewing room's cutting table after piecing my 2 strip quilts, and making their backings. It looked so neat and tidy. But then, true to my nature, I helped a friend with her downsizing. This has been an ongoing job of mine. I don't take any payment for helping to find 'good' homes for those treasures that others need to have 'go away'. This time it was 5 large totes bags and 4 'larger than a shoe box' size plastic bins. First I sort thru everything, getting all like items together, then I do some serious 'think time'. I know people want their belongings to get new homes where they will be appreciated. This batch was from Linda T. and included some treasures that will stay with me. Only a few of the crafty items that I don't have plenty of already. Actually, I'm keeping the notions for making purses. If I don't get at them in a reasonable amount of time, I will give them to some other creatives on my list. For now it's mostly finding homes for zippers, elastic, ribbons, trims, patterns, etc etc etc. 
And even though the bindings aren't on these two quilts, I wanted to include them at this time. The one with blue/purple Over the Rainbow fabric is a crib size, made from predominantly 1&1/2" strips. The beige to brown with greens is what I made from a batch of 2&1/2" strips. The borders for both of them are obviously wider. And below the photo of each quilt is a snapshot of it's stitch totals. So, I'm now officially OVER 4&1/4 million stitches. I usually stitch about 12/inch. That totals very close to 6 miles, unless my math is off, in which case,, leave a comment. You never know, you just may get a thank you gift!  
Today we went in for haircuts. I just had to snap this one of George. It's as close to a 'hippy do' as he'll probably ever get! And he has made a board for beanbag toss. Wasn't it nice that he painted it my favorite color? He's such a sweetie,,,, or maybe he has a big order coming in from Amazon, hmm?! 
July is starting tomorrow. I intend to get the bindings on those two quilts this week. I will need to do more clean up in my sewing room. The pest control man was here today, and I always have to move an array of stuff to get to the attics. I haven't figured out what to put in front of those doors that would move easily and not be a mess in another area. Best idea is to not buy anything more until I have ??? used up. Good idea, but what constitutes the ??? , now that's a question if ever there was one. lol

We're looking forward to some vacation time with family, at the end of the month. We may even take a few days and go to the mountains. It all depends on just how hot and humid it gets. Until next time,
Let's Create Today-Luann


Terry said...

You are extra special to help find good homes for stash that people need to downsize! I too have been collecting zippers to make some bags. . .one of these days, I'll get to doing that. . .I've a couple projects on my list to finish first though! Pretty color of blue. . .your sweetie loves you to get the color just right!!!!

Luann Fischer said...

We all seem to have so many projects to be busy with. Someone told me about going to a 'craft' recycle shop. I could probably supply one with a good bit of fun stuff. lol
Have a lovely weekend.

Lynda said...

Luann, Love to see what you are up to and accomplish. I continue to be amazed at what all you do with your time!! Have a great July!

Luann Fischer said...

You have to remember that I don't 'garden' any more. You and Dave spend a lot of time in your yard and garden that is available to me for my other interest areas. If I still lived in the Midwest, I'd be growing tomatoes, zucchini, and lots of flowers. I may just put up a post of what my flower beds looked like just before I moved out to South Carolina. I do miss my gardens. Have a wonderful month.