Saturday, September 2, 2017

September One Day At A Time

September 1,
I saw this piece at Artists & Craftsman Supply (981 King Street,Charleston). It's on the third floor of the repurposed church. If you're in the area, drop by. They do their best to help you find the perfect 'whatever' you might be looking for. There is a stair lift for anyone that can't maneuver steps, and entry is on ground level. Parking is a bit tricky, so if there is a convenient spot on the street, I'd grab it. 

I came home with a few 'ingredients' for testing out some of the ideas that are percolating for the 'YOUR CREATIVE YEAR' journal project. It will be a Follow Along that's coming in 2018. Plans are underway for this once a month project, idea, tutorial, prompt, etc etc etc. If you want to partake, the easiest way is to follow this blog. Enter your email in the FOLLOW ME bar at the top right side of this page. Then confirm by responding to the email you will receive from Blogger. You won't miss a post, and I'm not into posting every day so I won't be filling your inbox. 

September 2
Quilts for Houston is underway. Over 50 people have joined me since Wednesday evening at 8:30 when I put the first post up on Facebook about the idea. Quilt tops are already coming into be layered with backing and batting for the longarm machine. Once quilted together, they will go to volunteers for bindings to be attached. I'll be sending my Sand in My Shoes quilt to Houston. At present all sizes are accepted, but we're asking for 36"x48". This size will bring comfort to a child and the adult that holds the child! 
September 3 - a day to thank God for our blessings, and we have so many to be thankful for!

It's now September 30th, where did the last 27 days go???? Here's a quick over view with a few pictures from along the way. 

Saw this beautiful moth on the side of the gas station we stopped at on the way home from church. 
Betty dropped off the top, batting, and backing for a 'comfort quilt'. After I quilted it on the longarm she picked it up and attached the binding. It's on it's way to Florida along with the quilt from Ruth Ann. Here's RuthAnn dropping off her top and backing. She came with Kathy, who brought two fully completed quilts. 

And Melinda getting ready to take some down to Florida. Harvey and Irma were two miserable hurricanes that left lots of devastation in their path. We want folks to know that 'WE CARE'. 
Quilt tops, backings, and bindings are coming in on a regular basis. Sew Suite Studio on Trolley Road in Summerville, SC has been our drop off site. Some completely finished ones have been brought in also.  Nancy and Ginger have been helping out with attaching bindings, as well as making tops. We will continue to collect tops, etc, and finished quilts for finishing and distributing to others that have felt the impact first hand. We didn't determine a date as to when we will quit, perhaps we will just continue, as it seems like there is always a need somewhere. I'm trying to keep a list of those that have helped in any way, but some of the quilts have been turned in without a note of any kind. I will try to do a separate blog post about our project a little further down the road. I have 14 completed, 3 have been sent off already. 21 more are in que to be made into a quilt sandwich! I'll be accepting at least another 10 at the Cobblestone Quilters Guild meeting in October. 
I started a locker hooking project on September 11. I determined my needed size, trimmed the base material, then used Lumiere paint so it would stay interesting and attractive while I worked on it. Within 2 days on the road it was full of all the locker hooking portion, now just to finish it off. 
By this time we were well on our way to visit the grandkids in the Midwest. My brother in law, Barry, passed away on our first day of traveling. We were sad, but at peace with knowing he had a relationship with Jesus, and we have our hope in the Lord that we will be reunited with him in the future. Today was the Memorial Service, one brother lives in Florida and couldn't have gotten here for a week after Irma blew through his neighborhood. 
Our clean up consisted of a few branches and some debris. We were blessed. 
All 12 Soldier quilts were given to Cindy from the Evergreen Quilters Guild in Green Bay. I really like that flag fabric I bought for backing. 
And while we were in Green Bay we were able to see Jake as he was working on the Brown County CourtHouse project. And we grabbed some of our favorite foods at The Mustard Seed, on Limekiln Drive up in Suamico, WI. Chef Ken visited with us and it was a real treat to be brought up to date on his family. 

Then it was family time!!
Then off to Door County for a bit of 'us time'. 

And eating,,,,
Then back to Green Bay, and the NEW Zoo with another set of grandkids. 

And more eating,,,,

Then we traveled the rest of the way home, tired but content to have seen some of our children and a few friends. There is never enough time to see everyone we want to, and this time we needed some 'down time' to be ready for all of what had to take place this week after returning. 

The quilts are pouring in, my workshop for October is coming to it's time, and honestly, my house is not a very tidy place right now. Not to fret, a few minutes each day, in each area of messiness, and it'll be fine by,,, Christmas??? Probably a lot sooner than that, but I've got quilts to quilt, rugs to hook, and pictures to weave. No one is going to want a picture of my clean house, but something I create?, ah yes, that's my legacy! So, with that being said, 

Let's Create Today,,,,