Saturday, December 30, 2017

2017 Wrap Up

Today, 12/30/17, finds me motivated and ready for 1/1/18. I have finished my 5 weeks with Kim and the Design Your Destiny 2018 workshop. I did this last December and it really helped with moving forward on several fronts. Here are my two 'journals' that I will use for the upcoming year. 
The one on the left was used for all of my writing during the DYD2018, a listing of all projects that have been started or are 'on my heart', and other lists that I want to keep together. I will start from the back and come forward with my Gratitude Journal. The one on the right is a 'one page a day' planner. I want to acknowledge that it is a PLANNER, not an inflexible list and schedule that would label me a failure if I don't get everything done that appears on any given day. It will help when the DYD for 2019 has us reviewing 2018.  Here is a recap of this year's happenings and what will go into the new year;

1/1/2017 * 37 UFOs. I finished 5.   1/1/2018 * 32 'old' UFOs and 18 'new' UFOs = 50 UFOs. This may sound like a lot, but many of them are close to completion or minimal in size. If I finish one a week these will be totally gone by the end of the year, and I will have several new UFOs on the list by that time. 

2017 Recap

69 quilts were quilted on the longarm. 14 quilts that have gone to friends (4) or Charity Projects (10). I did the quilting (supplied batting and backing for many) of 54 quilts that went to hurricane relief efforts (42-Houston and Florida) and Soldiers (12-Wisconsin).  I actually have one quilt on-hand at this moment. 

Rolled 275+ bandages for mission work. 

Dimensional Weaving & Embellishing Workshop - organized and facilitated this with Martina Celerin. I also learned about wet felting, unfinished turtle and bowl. 

Silk Fusion Workshops - I conducted 2 during the winter. This added several more UFOs to the list. 

Learned how to use a drop spindle for spinning yarn. UFO addition. 

Learned about Prodded Hooking, Primitive Rug Hooking, and Locker Hooking. More UFOs,,

6 dyeing days with scarves, clothing, and fabric experiments. None of these are considered UFOs. 

I invested time improving in mixed media, and watching several online courses of interest. Never can learn too much. I often find the influence of one area spilling over into another. There were several other areas that I made and gifted things from. They are in my journal and on my heart. 

On the home front: We finished the kitchen with countertops and a fan/light addition. The sink cutout portion of the granite was mounted on my Grandma's sewing machine base for the screen porch, where we put up new hardware of wires for curtain rods. George was kept busy with all of these activities as well as making games for the summer vacations (BeanBagToss and Connect 4), installing lights/fans in both upstairs bedrooms, and his most important job of all,,, making me happy by cooking my meals! I just love the fact that he enjoys cooking and at most I only need to suggest the meat. I do help with the cleanup and do laundry! LOL 

Best memories are of playing at the beach  and 'chintzing' shells with the grandkids. It's always that way for me. Time with loved ones make the Best List of Any Year. 


Lynda said...

Luann, I'm always amazed at what you accomplish. And this year so much learning! Love it! Thanks for being an inspiration. You are amazing! Happy New Year!

Luann Fischer said...

Lynda, You’ve also had a pretty amazing year. All the best to you and Dave for 2018.

Terry said...

While I applaud you with posting your UFOs, I'm planning to list the ones that I'm going to work. This approach seems to work better for me even though I'm still darn slow at getting to the finish. I second what Lynda said especially the part about you being an inspiration and amazing! Happy New Year!

Luann Fischer said...

I think it’s so important for each of us to find the method that works for us. You and Lynda, both, are inspirational for me. Have a wonder filled 2018.