Sunday, December 3, 2017

Rear View Mirror Time

November was filled with lots of interesting events and activities.  I used my phone to take pictures so I wouldn't forget just what I'd been up to and in looking back over them, I was a busy bee, putting finishing touches on quite a few things.  The photo above was taken when we went for breakfast. Those birds remind me to take a little time to really look at what is going on around me. This is something that wearing my 'rose colored glasses' inhibits. I always think the best of everyone, until proven wrong. And even then, it's difficult for me to believe some people can be as nasty as they have been. But, without knowing it, they have blessed me! Yes, they have. God had me doing the perfect 'Bible Study' when things went sour and I not only have been able to accept that it 'did' happen, I'm OK with it. I've been taken to a spot where I can, and do, pray for them to be blessed with good things in their life. I don't ask God to change them to what I think would be good, He knows what's going on in all of our lives and exactly what we need at any given moment. And He knows how much I need to be changed, and that's the only person I can do anything with. God is good!

We attended a 'proper British Tea' early in November. Baker's Pond and Garden Center hosted this event along with Dorchester County Historical Society. It was fun and informative.  A speaker gave us a ton of info about our local tea culture. There's another one this month and if time permits we'll go. 
This little man is ready to walk to the bus stop on an early November morning! I think they were having single digit weather already! We have been in the 50s at night and complaining about the cold. Sure didn't take long for my body to adjust to a warmer climate. I now put on wool socks if it's in the 60s!
November 14th found this azalea getting ready to bloom. That's one of my favorite things about living in SC, flowers bloom year round. We also had our trees trimmed and it brought in so much additional light that it put an end to all that 'adjusting' to the time change. This year seemed to be very difficult for me until we had this done. I found myself sitting on the screen porch enjoying the fall colors. 
This kit came in mid month and I've gotten all the fusing of shapes done, embroidery floss found, and notions assembled. It is a strip of 6 panels that could be finished in several possible ways. I actually like them all hanging together. And I have a perfect narrow wall area that would be perfect for them. They are a winter decor item, so if I don't get it done and hanging until January it would still be good! LOL
I enjoyed every minute I stitched this Bee Happy quilt! And when I gifted it to Donna and Bob I knew it would be enjoyed for many moments to come. 
This was another one I gifted this month. Brian and Melinda will get to enjoy the Sand In My Shoes quiltat their home in Florida. I used that famous 'bubble meander' quilting design that I've grown so fond of. 
Boxes 5,6,&7 were sent off to Texas for hurricane relief. This brings our comfort quilt endeavor to a close. We sent over 80 pillow cases, and more than 60 quilts. All made possible through the love of ordinary people who cared enough to bless their fellow humans during a difficult time. I've been blessed to be a part of it. 
I decided to try ice dyeing some clothesline. I ended up with less than desirable results. This was due completely to my lack of patience! It was an experiment and I'll use the clothesline, just not in quite the way I had planned. 
The colors are not even this intense. They have a definite 'heathered' look to them. 
This was a precut group of fabrics from our church. I pieced the top and pressed it. They tie these quilts and use a much loftier batting than I have. So, even though it was hard for me to give it back without completing it with quilting and binding, I did return the 'flimsy' for finishing by the group. 
I'm doing Bonnie Hunter's latest mystery quilt project, On Ringo Lake. These are my fabric choices. 
Clue #1 is done. 
Is this nothing but chaos??? It's comprised of left over pieces from a 4-patch posy I did when I lived in Green Bay, WI. I've had this idea of somehow making something from all of this mess, but I just couldn't get past the busyness of it. I landed on another idea, added a jelly roll of chocolate colors, removed most of the 'blocks' and used my serger to move quickly before I would change my mind! It's hanging, all pressed and ready, in the longarm room. The backing has also been prepared and is with it. I plan to have it finished ASAP. 
We went to the Crèche Festival at the Mepkin Abbey. This was the only picture I took. I was mesmerized with just looking. Over 100 beautiful pieces were displayed. 
If this yarn looks familiar, it was a year ago I knit a sweater with it. The fit was 'off' and I'm finally trying something else. 
A friend stopped over to see how a longarm machine works. She brought these fat quarters. A very nice gesture, and I certainly appreciated it. 
This was my 'gathering' of December intentions. I plan to make some significant progress on clearing out a lot of old projects. 
This is my second year doing the Design Your Destiny with Kim over at Sublime Reflections. The first step is to review the past year. The good is always fun. The not-so-good brings about thoughts for improving. There are several projects that just never made it onto the 'to do today' list. As I look over them, some have lost my interest entirely. I'm ok with that, they'll get removed. I've also started keeping my lists from year to year to see what keeps being put on the projects list, but never gets any attention. I ask myself some questions about these: Do I really want this completed as a project, or is it the technique that I want to experience? Is this on my list because it was on a previous list and I think I have some 'super power' that means I can make a silk purse out of a sow's ear?  Is the 'timing' of this item past? Would someone else enjoy receiving this as a finished project, what about half finished, or what about 'as a kit' that they could finish how they would choose? Can I use the supplies for this project in a more current one? Usually this is where the Comfort Quilt Projects and Charity Quilting enter into the picture. That's a good thing, for everyone concerned. 

So in light of this, if anyone of you readers are interested in sewing together a clamshell quilt, I have lots of pieces cut from my hand dyed fabrics, left picture in group above. I used the Accuquilt large die for this, so they are accurate. I can't wrap my head around how to assemble them, and I'd be happy to pass them on. Let me know if you are interested. Or, if you know of a good YouTube video that'll inspire me to get a forward movement happening with them, share it PLEASE. 

I don't plan to post again until after Christmas, so I hope you have a blessed Christmas Day with loved ones. All the best to each of you, Luann

PS The Creative Journal ideas are coming together. I've been grabbing pieces from here and there and putting them into my box, binder, or onto the clipboard. Hope you are finding inspiration in your daily life too. 


Terry said...

Perhaps, this video link will be just the ticket you need!
It is hard when nasty stuff happens. I just don't get how some people can be so rude. Then I think. . .well, I could have handled it a little better. . . thanks God for the learning opportunity. . .I sure do appreciate the happy times even more! I agree with you about looking at what has been on your list for a long time. Keep living every day to the fullest and kill those negative Nellies with kindness.

Luann Fischer said...

Terry, Thanks for the link to the video I’ll put it into my watch later list and know that I have an extra helper come January when I want to tackle the clamshells. Have a wonderful Christmas