Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Inspired by List Making

Making the list prompted some forward movement.  I think putting things down in writing helps me to focus and commit to getting things done. Here's  some of what has happened since yesterday.

Menu plan is done and food is purchased for Thanksging Day dinner at Miss Leona's.

Bookcases, desk, paper files, chair, and armoire have been moved from various places on the first floor to the office.  It is over the garage.  So, first we take everything up two sets of steps with a landing on the turn area. Then we have to go down a hall and another landing, turn and down three steps before we are actually on the office floor.  This is when I wish I was in better physical condition and a few years younger wouldn't hurt either!

The office has to function for both of our creative needs.  This isn't easy.  My hubby likes things VERY neat and orderly. He's a structural engineer. I can work amidst a bit of clutter while engaged in a project. Sometimes I need to take a step away from my art and come back a day or so later.  As long as we both show respect for each other and that person's style, we'll be just fine.  

That's where I'm at right now. The supplies need to be gathered together and proper houses found for them.  It'll be easier once we see just how much we need to get organized.  There may even be a trip to recycle some of what we've accumulated. Only time will tell.

So, yes, I feel as though I've gotten some creative time put into the office. Tomorrow more will happen and the momentum will increase.

Till then, 
Let's go create,

Monday, November 25, 2013

My Top Thirty List

Making this list really took some time and thought.  There's 18 weeks between now and April 1.  If I average getting two items done each week I'd still have a little time to spare!!

So here's the list as it stands today:

1.   Finish the office space.
2.   Studio needs to be cleaned out and set up in a workable design.  
3.  THANKSGIVING at Miss Leona's. 
4.   Fractured fabric challenge
5.   Dress from rayon batik
6.   Color wheel from my hand dyed fabrics
7.   Clean the screen porch and get it ready for entertaining
8.   Painting inside and out
9.   Kitchen organized
10.  All pictures organized and ready for bookmaking 
11.  Grey and hand dyed fabric twiddle piece
12.  Tote to replace the one I gave away
13.  Coordinating quilts for the twin beds
14.  Craftsy class work up to date
15.  One year later quilt
16.  More water please quilt
17.  Pillowcases for each Grandchild as BDays roll around
18.  Twenty pounds lighter, not creative in itself, but putting together a plan will be
19.  Bordering on a round robin group info
20.  Creative friends get together for meeting at quilt shop
21.  Putting the binding on quilt that Hannah made for her parents, and shipping it to her
22.  Start a Sewing With Kids group with the homeschooling family a block over
23.  Sew-In for new friends here in Summerville
24.  Put together the plans for collaboration book with MaryEllen
25.  Get the recipe/scrapbook started
26.  A creative schedule that includes:  dye days, technique days, free motion quilting days, water 
       color painting days, online class project time, etc etc 
27.  Find the makeup and hairdo that will help me accept GOING GREY GRACEFULLY
28.  Put together garden plans 
29.  Check out yoga, Pilates, and weight lifting
30.  Get my website back up & running

Top Thirty Challenge

We've all been in this spot.  The one that has you trying to figure out which project you will work on next.  I have so many partially half done (phds), works in progress (wips), and unfinished objects (UFOs),  that if I took the time to list them, I'd probably miss Thanksgiving and Christmas!    

Last year a friend and I challenged each other to see how many of these we could knock out within a few months. It worked quite well. First we sent each other an email with our top thirty items we wanted to finish.  These lists were added to when something urgent came along, and items were deleted when no longer of a priority for us.  We were doing this to encourage each other and have someone to connect with when a project was 'out the door'.  We both got many items done, and enjoyed getting to know each other better.

So, this time around, I'm hoping to connect with more people and we'll see how well we can do!  
I'll try to post often to let you know how things are going here. Feel free to join the challenge and invite your friends as well.  

This week's assignment will be to make up your TOP THIRTY LIST to be done by April 1,2014.  Your list is YOUR list, put those things on it that YOU want to get done. These can be related to sewing, recipes, cleaning, decorating, etc.
Remember, creating a clean space, happy memory, or a masterpiece for the wall all count!

My list will be up shortly.